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1SO YOU, my son, be strong (strengthened inwardly) in the grace (spiritual blessing) that is [to be found only] in Christ Jesus.

2And the [instructions] which you have heard from me along with many witnesses, transmit {and} entrust [as a deposit] to reliable {and} faithful men who will be competent {and} qualified to teach others also.

3Take [with me] your share of the hardships {and} suffering [which you are called to endure] as a good (first-class) soldier of Christ Jesus.

4No soldier when in service gets entangled in the enterprises of [civilian] life; his aim is to satisfy {and} please the one who enlisted him.

5And if anyone enters competitive games, he is not crowned unless he competes lawfully (fairly, according to the rules laid down).

6[It is] the hard-working farmer [who labors to produce] who must be the first partaker of the fruits.

7Think over these things I am saying [understand them and grasp their application], for the Lord will grant you full insight {and} understanding in everything.

8Constantly keep in mind Jesus Christ (the Messiah) [as] risen from the dead, [as the prophesied King] descended from David, according to the good news (the Gospel) that I preach.

9For that [Gospel] I am suffering affliction {and} even wearing chains like a criminal. But the Word of God is not chained {or} imprisoned!

10Therefore I [am ready to] persevere {and} stand my ground with patience {and} endure everything for the sake of the elect [God's chosen], so that they too may obtain [the] salvation which is in Christ Jesus, with [the reward of] eternal glory.

11The saying is sure {and} worthy of confidence: If we have died with Him, we shall also live with Him.

12If we endure, we shall also reign with Him. If we deny {and} disown {and} reject Him, He will also deny {and} disown {and} reject us.

13If we are faithless [do not believe and are untrue to Him], He remains true (faithful to His Word and His righteous character), for He cannot deny Himself.

14Remind [the people] of these facts and [solemnly] charge them in the presence of the Lord to avoid petty controversy over words, which does no good but upsets {and} undermines the faith of the hearers.

15Study {and} be eager {and} do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing {and} accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth.

16But avoid all empty (vain, useless, idle) talk, for it will lead people into more {and} more ungodliness.

17And their teaching [will devour; it] will eat its way like cancer {or} spread like gangrene. So it is with Hymenaeus and Philetus,

18Who have missed the mark {and} swerved from the truth by arguing that the resurrection has already taken place. They are undermining the faith of some.

19But the firm foundation of (laid by) God stands, sure {and} unshaken, bearing this seal (inscription): The Lord knows those who are His, and, Let everyone who names [himself by] the name of the Lord give up all iniquity {and} stand aloof from it.

20But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also [utensils] of wood and earthenware, and some for honorable {and} noble [use] and some for menial {and} ignoble [use].

21So whoever cleanses himself [from what is ignoble {and} unclean, who separates himself from contact with contaminating and corrupting influences] will [then himself] be a vessel set apart {and} useful for honorable {and} noble purposes, consecrated {and} profitable to the Master, fit {and} ready for any good work.

22Shun youthful lusts {and} flee from them, and aim at {and} pursue righteousness (all that is virtuous and good, right living, conformity to the will of God in thought, word, and deed); [and aim at and pursue] faith, love, [and] peace (harmony and concord with others) in fellowship with all [Christians], who call upon the Lord out of a pure heart.

23But refuse (shut your mind against, have nothing to do with) trifling (ill-informed, unedifying, stupid) controversies over ignorant questionings, for you know that they foster strife {and} breed quarrels.

24And the servant of the Lord must not be quarrelsome (fighting and contending). Instead, he must be kindly to everyone {and} mild-tempered [preserving the bond of peace]; he must be a skilled {and} suitable teacher, patient {and} forbearing {and} willing to suffer wrong.

25He must correct his opponents with courtesy {and} gentleness, in the hope that God may grant that they will repent and come to know the Truth [that they will perceive and recognize and become accurately acquainted with and acknowledge it],

26And that they may come to their senses [and] escape out of the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him, [henceforth] to do His [God's] will.

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