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After being in Macedonia and Greece, Paul went to Troas.

1After the people at Ephesus had stopped rioting, Paul summoned the believers. He encouraged them to continue to trust in the Lord Jesus. Soon after that, he told them “Good-bye” and left to go to Macedonia province.

2After he arrived there, he visited each town where there were believers and encouraged them. Then he arrived in Greece province, which is also called Achaia.

3He stayed there for three months. Then he planned to return to Syria by ship, but he heard that some of the Jews [SYN] in that area were planning to kill him as he traveled. So he decided instead to go by land, and he traveled again through Macedonia.

4The men who were going to travel with him to Jerusalem were Sopater, who was a son of Pyrrhus, who grew up in Berea town; Aristarchus and Secundus, who were from Thessalonica city; Gaius, who was from Derbe town; Timothy, who was from Galatia province; and Tychicus and Trophimus who were from Asia province.

5Those seven men went ahead of Paul and me, Luke, by ship from Macedonia, so they got to Troas before we did and waited for the two of us there.

6But we two(exc) traveled by land as far as Philippi city. After the Jewish festival when they eat unleavened bread, we got on a ship that was going from Philippi to Troas city. After five days we(exc) arrived at Troas and we met the other men who had traveled there ahead of us. Then we all stayed in Troas for seven days.

At Troas, Paul encouraged believers by resurrecting Eutychus.

7…On Sunday evening/On the evening of the first day of the week†, we(exc) and the other believers there gathered together to celebrate the Lord’s Supper and to eat other food [SYN]. Paul spoke to the believers. He continued teaching them until midnight, because he was planning to leave Troas the next day.

8Many oil lamps were burning in the upstairs room in which we(exc) had gathered, so the fumes caused some people to become sleepy.

9A young man whose name was Eutychus was there. He was seated on the sill of an open windowon the third story of the house. As Paul continued talking for a long time, Eutychus became sleepier and sleepier. Finally, he was sound/really asleep. He fell out of the window from the third story down to the ground. Some of the believers went down immediately and picked him up. But he was dead.

10Paul also went down. He lay down and stretched out on top of the young man and put his arms around him. Then he said to the people who were standing around, “Do not worry, he is alive again now!”

11Then Paul, along with the others, went upstairs again and they ate the Lord’s Supper and other food [SYN]. Afterwards, Paul conversed with the believers until dawn. Then he left.

12The other people took the young man home, and were greatly encouraged because he was alive again.

Paul and his companions traveled from Troas to Miletus.

13We then went to the ship. Paul did not get on the ship with us in Troas, because he preferred to go more quickly overland to Assos town. The rest of us got on the ship and sailed for Assos.

14We(exc) met Paul in Assos. He got on the ship with us, and we sailed to Mitylene town.

15The day after we reached Mitylene, we sailed from there and arrived at a place near KiosIsland. The day after that, we sailed to SamosIsland. The next day we left Samos and sailed to Miletus town.

16On the way to Miletus, the ship passed not very far from Ephesus city. Paul had earlier decided that he would not get off the ship in Ephesus, because he did not want to spend several days in Asia province. If possible, he wanted to arrive in Jerusalem by the time of the Pentecost festival, and the time of that festival was near.

Paul reminded the Ephesian elders how he had conducted himself and had taught them.

17When the ship arrived at Miletus, Paul sent a messenger to Ephesus to ask the elders of the congregation to come to meet him.

18When the elders arrived, Paul said to them, “You personally know how I conducted myself among you the entire time that I was with you, from the first day when I arrived here in Asia province until the day I left.

19You know how I was serving the Lord Jesus very humbly and how I sometimes wept about people. You also know how I suffered because the Jews [SYN] who were not believers often tried to harm me.

20You also know that, as I preached God’s message to you, I never left out anything that would help you. You know that I taught you God’s message when many people were present, and I also went to your homes and taught it there.

21I preached both to Jews and to non-Jews, telling them all that they must turn away from their sinful behavior and ask God to forgive them. I also told them they should believe in our Lord Jesus.

Paul told them that they would never see him again.

22“And now note this: I am going to Jerusalem, because God’s Spirit has clearly shown me that I must go there. I do not know what will happen to me while I am there.

23But I do know that in each city where I have stopped, the Holy Spirit has …told me/caused the believers to tell me† that in Jerusalem people will put me in prison [PRS] and will cause me to suffer [PRS].

24But I do not care even if people kill me, if first I am able to finish the work [MET] that the Lord Jesus has told me to do. He appointed me to tell people the good message that God saves us by doing for us what we do not deserve.

25I have preached to you the message about how God desires to rule people’s lives. But now I know that today is the last time that you fellow believers will see me [SYN].

26So I want you all to understand that if anyone who has heard me preach dies without trusting in Jesus, it is not my fault [MTY],

27because I told you [LIT] everything [HYP] that God has planned for us(inc).

28You leaders must continue to believe and obey God’s message. You must also help all the other believers [MET] for whom the Holy Spirit has caused you to be responsible [MTY]. Watch over [MET] yourselves and the other believers as a shepherd watches over his sheep. God bought them with the blood that flowed from his Son’s body on the cross.

29I know very well that after I leave, people who teach [MET] false doctrines will come among you and will do great harm to the believers. They will be like fierce wolves that kill the sheep.

30Even in your own group of believers there will be some who will deceive other believers by teaching them messages that are false. They will teach those messages so that some people will believe them and will become their followers.

31So watch out that none of you stops believing the true message about our Lord Jesus! Remember that day and night for about three years I repeatedly taught you that message, and warned you with tearsin my eyes not to believe any other message.

Paul entrusted them to God and to the message about God’s goodness.

32“Now as I leave you I ask God to protect you and to keep you believing the message that he saves us(inc) by doing for us what we do not deserve. If you continue believing the message that I told you, you will become spiritually mature, and God will give you the blessings that he has promised to give to all of those who belong to him.

33“As for myself, I have not desired anyone’s money [MTY] or fine clothing.

34You yourselves know that I have worked with my hands [MTY] to earn the money that my companions and I needed.

35In everything that I did, I showed you that we(inc) should work hard in order to have enough money to give some to those who are needy. We(inc) should remember that our Lord Jesus himself said, ‘You are happy when people give you what you need, but God will be happy with you when you give other people what they need.’”

Paul prayed with them and they sadly bade him farewell.

36When Paul had finished speaking, he knelt down with all of the elders and prayed.

37They all cried a lot, and they hugged Paul and kissed him.

38They were especially sad because he had said that they would never see him [SYN] again. Then they all went with him to the ship.

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