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The Ashes of the Red Cow

1The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron. He said,

2“These are the laws from the teachings that the LORD gave to the Israelites. Get a red cow that has nothing wrong with it. That cow must not have any bruises. And it must never have worn a yoke.

3Give that cow to Eleazar, and he will take it outside the camp and kill it there.

4Then Eleazar the priest must put some of its blood on his finger and sprinkle some of the blood toward the Holy Tent. He must do this seven times.

5Then the whole cow must be burned in front of him; the skin, the meat, the blood, and the intestines must all be burned.

6Then the priest must take a cedar stick, a hyssop branch, and some red string. He must throw these things into the fire where the cow is burning.

7Then the priest must wash himself and his clothes with water. Then he must come back into the camp. He will be unclean until evening.

8The man who burns that cow must wash himself and his clothes in water. He will be unclean until evening.

9“Then someone who is clean will collect the ashes from the cow and put them in a clean place outside the camp. These ashes will be used when someone must keep a special ceremony to become clean. These ashes will also be used to remove a person’s sins.

10“The man who collected the cow’s ashes must wash his clothes. He will be unclean until evening. “This rule will continue forever. This rule is for the citizens of Israel and for the foreigners living with you.

11Those who touch a dead body will be unclean for seven days.

12They must wash themselves with the special water on the third day and again on the seventh day. If they don’t do this, they will remain unclean.

13Those who touch the body of someone who has died are unclean. If they stay unclean and then go to the LORD'S Holy Tent, they make it unclean. So they must be separated from the Israelites. Because the special water was not thrown on them, they remain unclean.

14“This is the rule about those who die in their tents: If someone dies in the tent, everyone in the tent will be unclean for seven days.

15And every jar or pot without a lid becomes unclean.

16If there is a dead body out in a field, whether the person died in battle or for some other reason, whoever touches that dead body, or its bones, or even its grave will be unclean for seven days.

17“If you have become unclean, someone must use the ashes from the burned cow to make you clean again. He must pour fresh water over the ashes into a jar.

18And then someone who is clean must take a hyssop branch and dip it into the water. He must sprinkle it over the tent, the dishes, and any people who were in the tent. The same must be done for anyone who touches a dead body, its bones, or even a grave.

19“The one who is clean must sprinkle this water on you on the third day and again on the seventh day to make you clean. Then you must wash your clothes and bathe yourself in water, and that evening you will be clean.

20“Whoever becomes unclean and does not make themselves clean again must be separated from the community. If they are not sprinkled with the special water for cleansing, they remain unclean and will be guilty of making the LORD'S Holy Tent unclean.

21This rule will never change. And whoever sprinkled the special water must also wash his clothes. And anyone else who touches that water will be unclean until evening.

22And if an unclean person touches anything, it becomes unclean, and anyone else who touches it will be unclean until evening.”

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