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Genesis 7:5
And Noah did all that the Lord commanded him.

Ruth 3:6
So she went down to the threshing floor and did everything her mother-in-law had instructed her to do.

2 Kings 16:16
So Uriah the priest did exactly as King Ahaz ordered.

2 Kings 23:32
He did evil in the sight of the Lord as his ancestors had done.

2 Kings 23:37
He did evil in the sight of the Lord as his ancestors had done.

2 Kings 24:9
He did evil in the sight of the Lord as his ancestors had done.

2 Kings 24:19
He did evil in the sight of the Lord, as Jehoiakim had done.

Esther 4:17
So Mordecai set out to do everything that Esther had instructed him.

Jeremiah 52:2
He did what displeased the Lord just as Jehoiakim had done.

Genesis 6:22
And Noah did all that God commanded him – he did indeed.

Exodus 21:30
If a ransom is set for him, then he must pay the redemption for his life according to whatever amount was set for him.

Exodus 29:35
“Thus you are to do for Aaron and for his sons, according to all that I have commanded you; you are to consecrate them for seven days.

Exodus 31:11
the anointing oil, and sweet incense for the Holy Place. They will make all these things just as I have commanded you.”

Exodus 40:16
This is what Moses did, according to all the Lord had commanded him – so he did.

Numbers 1:54
The Israelites did according to all that the Lord commanded Moses – that is what they did.

Deuteronomy 12:8
You must not do like we are doing here today, with everyone doing what seems best to him,

Deuteronomy 18:7
and serves in the name of the Lord his God like his fellow Levites who stand there before the Lord.

Deuteronomy 31:5
The Lord will deliver them over to you and you will do to them according to the whole commandment I have given you.

1 Samuel 8:20
We will be like all the other nations. Our king will judge us and lead us and fight our battles.”

1 Samuel 11:10
The men of Jabesh said, “Tomorrow we will come out to you and you can do with us whatever you wish.”

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