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Hasil 1-20 / 163 ayat untuk hebrew:wems. (Lihat Kamus Bahasa)
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Job 13:6
“Listen now to my argument, and be attentive to my lips’ contentions.

Job 13:17
Listen carefully to my words; let your ears be attentive to my explanation.

Job 21:2
“Listen carefully to my words; let this be the consolation you offer me.

Job 29:21
“People listened to me and waited silently; they kept silent for my advice.

Job 34:2
“Listen to my words, you wise men; hear me, you learned men.

Psalms 106:25
They grumbled in their tents; they did not obey the Lord.

Proverbs 8:33
Listen to my instruction so that you may be wise, and do not neglect it.

Isaiah 42:18
“Listen, you deaf ones! Take notice, you blind ones!

Isaiah 46:12
Listen to me, you stubborn people, you who distance yourself from doing what is right.

Jeremiah 21:11
The Lord told me to say to the royal court of Judah, “Listen to what the Lord says,

Ezekiel 34:7
“‘Therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord:

Ezekiel 34:9
Therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord:

2 Samuel 20:16
a wise woman called out from the city, “Listen up! Listen up! Tell Joab, ‘Come near so that I may speak to you.’”

Genesis 37:6
He said to them, “Listen to this dream I had:

Exodus 15:14
The nations will hear and tremble; anguish will seize the inhabitants of Philistia.

Numbers 16:8
Moses said to Korah, “Listen now, you sons of Levi!

Joshua 6:27
The Lord was with Joshua and he became famous throughout the land.

2 Kings 17:40
But they pay no attention; instead they observe their earlier practices.

Job 3:18
There the prisoners relax together; they do not hear the voice of the oppressor.

Job 37:2
Listen carefully to the thunder of his voice, to the rumbling that proceeds from his mouth.

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