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1Jerusalem, wake up! Stand up and be strong. Holy city of Zion, dress in your best clothes. Those foreigners who ruined your sacred city won't bother you again.

2Zion, rise from the dirt! Free yourself from the rope around your neck.

3The LORD says: My people, you were sold, but not for money; now you will be set free, but not for a payment.

4Long ago you went to Egypt where you lived as foreigners. Then Assyria was cruel to you,

5and now another nation has taken you prisoner for no reason at all. Your leaders groan with pain, and day after day my own name is cursed.

6My people, you will learn who I am and who is speaking because I am here.

7What a beautiful sight! On the mountains a messenger announces to Jerusalem, "Good news! You're saved. There will be peace. Your God is now King."

8Everyone on guard duty, sing and celebrate! Look! You can see the LORD returning to Zion.

9Jerusalem, rise from the ruins! Join in the singing. The LORD has given comfort to his people; he comes to your rescue.

10The LORD has shown all nations his mighty strength; now everyone will see the saving power of our God.

11Leave the city of Babylon! Don't touch anything filthy. Wash yourselves. Be ready to carry back everything sacred that belongs to the LORD.

12You won't need to run. No one is chasing you. The LORD God of Israel will lead and protect you from enemy attacks.

13The LORD says: My servant will succeed! He will be given great praise and the highest honors.

14Many were horrified at what happened to him. But everyone who saw him was even more horrified because he suffered until he no longer looked human.

15My servant will make nations worthy to worship me; kings will be silent as they bow in wonder. They will see and think about things they have never seen or thought about before.

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