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A prayer for help

1Listen, Lord, as I pray! Pay attention when I groan.

2You are my King and my God. Answer my cry for help because I pray to you.

3Each morning you listen to my prayer, as I bring my requests to you and wait for your reply.

4You are not the kind of God who is pleased with evil. Sinners can't stay with you.

5No one who boasts can stand in your presence, Lord, and you hate evil people.

6You destroy every liar, and you despise violence and deceit.

7Because of your great mercy, I come to your house, Lord, and I am filled with wonder as I bow down to worship at your holy temple.

8You do what is right, and I ask you to guide me. Make your teaching clear because of my enemies.

9Nothing they say is true! They just want to destroy. Their words are deceitful like a hidden pit, and their tongues are good only for telling lies.

10Punish them, God, and let their own plans bring their downfall. Get rid of them! They keep committing crimes and turning against you.

11Let all who run to you for protection always sing joyful songs. Provide shelter for those who truly love you and let them rejoice.

12Our Lord, you bless those who live right, and you shield them with your kindness.

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