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Jesus expelled evil spirits from a Gerasene man and then allowed them to enter a herd of pigs, which

1Jesus and his disciples arrived on the east side of Lake Galilee. They landed near where the Gerasene people lived.

2There was a man in that region whom evil spirits controlled.

3Because that man was violent and people were afraid of him, they had tied him up many times. As he grew more violent, no one was able to tie him up any longer, not even with chains,

4because the chains would be broken by him {he would break the chains} whenever he was bound {they bound him} with them. The iron shackles would also be smashed by him {He would also smash the iron shackles} whenever they were fastened {they fastened them} on his feet.

5He lived in one of the caves where they bury dead people. During both night and day he would scream among the caves and in the hills. He would also cut himself with sharp stones. That day he came out of the caves.

6As Jesus and his disciples got out of the boat, that man saw Jesus from a distance. He immediately ran to Jesus, and then he knelt before him.

7Jesus had been saying to the evil spirit, “You evil spirit, come out of this man!” But the demon did not leave quickly. It shouted very loudly, “Jesus, I know that you are the Son of God, so …we have nothing in common./what do we have in common†? [IDM, RHQ] So leave me alone! I ask you to promise, knowing God is listening, that you will not torture me now!”


9So, in order to expel the demon more easily, Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” He replied, “My name is Crowd/Mob because there are many of us evil spirits in this man.”

10Then the evil spirits fervently kept begging Jesus that he not send them out of the region.

11At the same time, a large herd of pigs was …grazing/rooting for food† nearby on the hillside.

12So the evil spirits pleaded with Jesus, “Allow us to go to the pigs in order that we might enter them!”

13He permitted them to do that. So the evil spirits left the man and entered the pigs. The herd, which numbered about 2000, rushed down the cliff into the lake, and then they drowned in the lake.

14The men who were tending the pigs ran and reported in the town and the country villages what had happened. Many people went to see what had happened.

15They came to the place where Jesus was. Then they saw the man whom evil spirits had previously controlled. He was sitting there with clothes on and mentally sound. As a result, they became afraid because they thought that he might destroy more of their property (OR, they realized that Jesus must be very powerful.)

16The people who had seen what had happened described what had happened to the man whom the evil spirits previously controlled. They also described what had happened to the pigs.

17Then the people pleaded with Jesus to leave their region.

18As Jesus got in the boat in order to leave, the man whom the evil spirits previously controlled begged Jesus, “Please let me go with you!”

19But Jesus did not let him go with him. On the contrary, he said to him, “Go home to your family and tell them how much the Lord God has done for you, and tell them how God was kind to you.”

20So the man went and traveled around the Ten Towns district. He told people how much Jesus had done for him. All the people who heard what the man said were amazed.

Jesus cured a woman who had been suffering from hemorrhaging and brought Jairus’ daughter back to li

21Jesus and his disciples went in a boat back around Lake Galilee to where they were before. When they arrived at the shore of the lake, a large crowd gathered around Jesus.

22One of the men who presided over a …synagogue/Jewish meeting place†, whose name was Jairus, came there. When he saw Jesus, he prostrated himself at his feet.

23Then he pleaded with Jesus earnestly, “My daughter is sick and nearly dead! Please come to my house and place your hands on her in order that she will be healed {to heal her}, so that she will not die!”

24So Jesus and the disciples went with him. A large crowd followed Jesus and many pushed close to him.

25There was a woman in the crowd who had vaginal bleeding [EUP] every day for twelve years.

26She had suffered much while many doctorstreated her. But although she had spent all her money to pay the doctors, she had not been helped {they had not helped her}. Instead, she had become worse [EUP].

27After she heard that Jesus healed people, she came to where he was and pushed in the crowdclose behind Jesus.

28She did that because she was thinking, “If I touch him or even if I touch his clothes, I will be healed {his power will heal me}.” So she touched Jesus’ clothes.

29At once her bleeding stopped. At the same time, she sensed within herself that she had been cured of {that he had cured} her illness.

30Jesus also immediately sensed within himself that his power had healed someone. So he turned around in the crowd and then he asked, “Who touched my clothes?”

31One of his disciples replied, “You can see that many people are crowding close to you! Probably many people touched you! So …why do you ask ‘Who touched me?’/we are surprised that you ask ‘Who touched me?’ [RHQ]†”

32But Jesus kept looking around in order to see the one who had done it.

33The woman was very afraid and trembling. She thought that Jesus might be angry because she had violated the law that women who had such a sicknessshould not touch other people. But she knew that Jesus had healed her. So she prostrated herself before him. Then she told him truthfully about what she had done.

34He said to her, “Ma’am/Young lady, because you have believed that I could heal you, I have now healed you. You may go home with peace in your heart, because I promise that you will not be sick this way anymore.”

35While Jesus was still speaking to that woman, some people arrived who had come from Jairus’ house. They said to Jairus, “Your daughter has now died. So …it is useless that you bother the teacher any longer by urging him to go to your house!/why do you bother the teacher any longer by urging him to go to your house?† [RHQ]”

36But when Jesus heard what these men said, he said to Jairus, “Do not think that the situation is hopeless! Just believe that she will live!”

37Then he allowed only his three closest disciples, Peter, James, and John, to go with him to Jairus’ house. He did not allow any other people to go with him. After they arrived near the house, Jesus saw that the people there were in turmoil. They were weeping and wailing [DOU] loudly.


39He entered the house and then he said to them, knowing that he was going to cause her to live again, “…Do not make such a disturbance!/Why are you making such a disturbance?† [RHQ] Stop crying, for the child is not dead! On the contrary, she is only sleeping [HYP, EUP]!”

40The people laughed at him, because they knew that she was dead. But he sent all the other people outside the house. Then he took the child’s father and mother and the three disciples who were with him. He went into the room where the child was lying.

41He took hold of the child’s hand and said to her in her own language, “Talitha, Koum!” That means, “Little girl, get up!”

42At once the girl got up and walked around. (It was not surprising that she could walk, because she was twelve years old.) When this happened, all who were present were very astonished.

43Jesus ordered them strictly, “Do not tell anyone about what I have done!” Afterwards he told them that something to eat should be brought to her {that they should bring her something to eat}.

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