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1THIS letter comes to you from Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called as a messenger and appointed for the service of that gospel of God

2which was long ago promised by the prophets in the holy scriptures.

3The gospel is centered in God's Son, a descendant of David by human genealogy

4and patently marked out as the Son of God by the power of that Spirit of holiness which raised him to life again from the dead.

5He is our Lord, Jesus Christ, from whom we received grace and our commission in his name to forward obedience to the faith in all nations.

6And of this great number you are also called to belong to him.

7To you all in Rome then, loved of God and called to be Christ's men and women, grace and peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

8I must begin by telling you how I thank God through Jesus Christ for you all, since the news of your faith has become known everywhere.

9Before God, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son, I assure you that you are always in my prayers.

10I am constantly asking him that he will somehow make it possible for me now, at long last, to come to see you.

11I am longing to see you: I want to bring you some spiritual gift to deepen your faith;

12and that will mean that I shall be encouraged by you, each of us cheered by the other's faith.

13Then I should like you to know, my brothers, that I have long intended to come to you (but something has always prevented me), for I should like to see some results among you, as I have among other gentiles.

14I feel myself under a sort of universal obligation, I owe something to all men, from cultured Greek to ignorant savage.

15That is why I want, as far as my ability will carry me, to preach the gospel to you who live in Rome as well.

16For I am not ashamed of the gospel. I see it as the very power of God working for the salvation of everyone who believes it, for the Jew first but also for the Greek.

17I see in it God's plan for making men right in his sight, a process begun and continued by their faith. For, as the scripture says: The righteous shall live by faith.

18Now the holy anger of God is disclosed from Heaven against the godlessness and evil of those men who render truth dumb and impotent by their wickedness.

19It is not that they do not know the truth about God; indeed he has made it quite plain to them.

20For since the beginning of the world the invisible attributes of God, e. g. his eternal power and deity, have been plainly discernible through things which he has made and which are commonly seen and known, thin leaving these men without a rag of excuse.

21They knew all the time that there is a God, yet they refused to acknowledge him as such, or to thank him for what he is or does. Thus they became famous in their argumentations, and plunged their silly minds still further into the dark.

22Behind a facade of "wisdom" they became just fools,

23fools who would exchange the glory of the immortal God for an image of a mortal man, or of creatures that run or fly or crawl.

24They gave up God: and therefore God gave them upto be the playthings of their own foul desires in dishonouring their own bodies.

25These men deliberately forfeited the truth of God and accepted a lie, paying homage and giving service to the creature instead of to the Creator, who alone is worthy to be worshipped for ever and ever, amen.

26God therefore handed them over to disgraceful passions. Their women exchanged the normal practices of sexual intercourse for something which is abnormal and unnatural.

27Similarly the men, turning from natural intercourse with women, were swept into lustful passions for one another. Men with men performed these shameful horrors, receiving in their own personalities the consequences of their perversity.

28Moreover, since they considered themselves too high and mighty to acknowledge God, he allowed them to become the slaves of their degenerate minds, and to perform unmentionable deeds.

29They became filled with wickedness, rottenness, greed and malice; their minds became steeped in envy, murder, quarrelsomeness, deceitfulness and spite. They became whisperersbehinddoors,

30stabbersintheback, Godhaters; they overflowed with insolent pride and boastfulness, and their minds teemed with diabolical invention. They scoffed at duty to parents,

31they mocked at conscience, recognised no obligations of honour, lost all natural affection, and had no use for mercy.

32More than thisbeing well aware of God's pronouncement that all who do these things deserve to die, they not only continued their own practices, but did not hesitate to give their thorough approval to others who did the same.

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