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1Joseph came and reported to Pharaoh, “My father and my brothers have arrived from Canaan, with their flocks and herds and everything they possess, and they are now in Goshen.”

2He had chosen five of his brothers, and he brought them into Pharaoh's presence.

3When he asked them what their occupation was, they answered, “We are shepherds like our fathers before us,

4and we have come to stay in this country, because owing to the severe famine in Canaan there is no pasture there for our flocks. We ask your majesty's leave to settle now in Goshen.”

5Pharaoh said to Joseph, “As to your father and your brothers who have come to you,

6the land of Egypt is at your disposal; settle them in the best part of it. Let them live in Goshen, and if you know of any among them with the skill, make them chief herdsmen in charge of my cattle.”

7Then Joseph brought his father in and presented him to Pharaoh. Jacob blessed Pharaoh,

8who asked him his age,

9and he answered, “The years of my life on earth are one hundred and thirty; few and hard have they been -- fewer than the years my fathers lived.”

10Jacob then blessed Pharaoh and withdrew from his presence.

11As Pharaoh had ordered, Joseph settled his father and his brothers, and allotted land to them in Egypt, in the best part of the country, the district of Rameses.

12He supported his father, his brothers, and his father's whole household with the food they needed.

13There was no food anywhere, so very severe was the famine; Egypt and Canaan were laid low by it.

14Joseph gathered in all the money in Egypt and Canaan in exchange for the grain which the people bought, and put it in Pharaoh's treasury.

15When the money in Egypt and Canaan had come to an end, the Egyptians all came to Joseph. “Give us food,” they said, “or we shall perish before your very eyes. Our money is all gone.”

16Joseph replied, “If your money is all gone, hand over your livestock and I shall give you food in return.”

17So they brought their livestock to Joseph, who gave them food in exchange for their horses, their flocks of sheep, their herds of cattle, and their donkeys. He supported them that year with food in exchange for all their herds.

18The year came to an end, and in the following year they came to him and said, “My lord, we cannot conceal from you that with our money finished and our herds of cattle made over to you, there is nothing left for your lordship but our bodies and our lands.

19Why should we perish before your eyes, we and our land as well? Take us and our land in payment for food, and we and our land alike will be in bondage to Pharaoh. Give us seed-corn to keep us alive, or we shall die and our land will become desert.”

20So Joseph acquired for Pharaoh all the land in Egypt: because the Egyptians, hard-pressed by the famine, sold all their fields, and the land became Pharaoh's.

21Joseph moved the people into the towns throughout the whole territory of Egypt.

22Only the land which belonged to the priests Joseph did not buy; they had a fixed allowance from Pharaoh and lived on this, so that they did not have to sell their land.

23Joseph said to the people, “Listen; I have now bought you and your land for Pharaoh. Here is seed-corn for you. Sow the land,

24but at harvest give one fifth of the crop to Pharaoh. Four fifths shall be yours to provide seed for your fields and food for yourselves, your households, and your dependants.”

25“You have saved our lives,” the people said. “If it please your lordship, we shall be Pharaoh's slaves.”

26Joseph established it as a law in Egypt that one fifth of the produce should belong to Pharaoh, and so it has been from that day to this. It was only the priests' land that did not pass into Pharaoh's hands.

27Thus Israel settled in Egypt, in Goshen, where they acquired land, and were fruitful, and increased greatly.

28Jacob lived in Egypt for seventeen years and died at the age of a hundred and forty-seven.

29When the hour of his death drew near, he summoned his son Joseph and said to him, “I have a favour to ask: give me your solemn oath that you will deal loyally and faithfully with me; do not bury me in Egypt.

30So that I may lie with my forefathers, you are to take me up from Egypt and bury me in their grave.” He answered, “I shall do as you say.”

31“Swear that you will,” said Jacob. So he gave him his oath, and Israel bowed in worship by the head of his bed.

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