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1For the leader: for the Korahites: a psalm HEAR this, all you peoples; listen, all you inhabitants of the world,

2both high and low, rich and poor,

3for the words that I have to speak are wise; my thoughts provide understanding.

4I listen with care to the parable and interpret a mystery to the music of the lyre.

5Why should I be afraid in evil times when beset by the wickedness of treacherous foes,

6trusting in their wealth and boasting of their great riches?

7Alas! No one can ever ransom himself, nor pay God the price for his release;

8the ransom would be too high, for ever beyond his power to pay,

9the ransom that would let him live on for ever and not see death's pit.

10For we see that the wise die, as the stupid and senseless all perish, leaving their wealth to others.

11Though they give their names to estates, the grave is their eternal home, their dwelling for all time to come.

12For human beings like oxen are short-lived; they are like beasts whose lives are cut short.

13Such is the fate of the foolish and of those after them who approve their words. [Selah]

14Like sheep they head for Sheol; with death as their shepherd, they go straight down to the grave. Their bodies, stripped of all honour, waste away in Sheol.

15But God will ransom my life and take me from the power of Sheol. [Selah]

16Do not envy anyone though he grows rich, when the wealth of his family increases;

17at his death he can take nothing, for his wealth will not go down with him.

18Though in his lifetime he counts himself happy and he is praised in his prosperity,

19he will go to join the company of his forefathers who will never again see the light.

20For human beings like oxen are short-lived; they are like beasts whose lives are cut short.

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