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1WE WANT to tell you further, brethren, about the grace (the favor and spiritual blessing) of God which has been evident in the churches of Macedonia [arousing in them the desire to give alms];

2For in the midst of an ordeal of severe tribulation, their abundance of joy and their depth of poverty [together] have overflowed in wealth of lavish generosity on their part.

3For, as I can bear witness, [they gave] according to their ability, yes, and beyond their ability; and [they did it] voluntarily,

4Begging us most insistently for the favor {and} the fellowship of contributing in this ministration for [the relief and support of] the saints [in Jerusalem].

5Nor [was this gift of theirs merely the contribution] that we expected, but first they gave themselves to the Lord and to us [as His agents] by the will of God [entirely disregarding their personal interests, they gave as much as they possibly could, having put themselves at our disposal to be directed by the will of God]--

6So much so that we have urged Titus that as he began it, he should also complete this beneficent {and} gracious contribution among you [the church at Corinth].

7Now as you abound {and} excel {and} are at the front in everything--in faith, in expressing yourselves, in knowledge, in all zeal, and in your love for us--[see to it that you come to the front now and] abound {and} excel in this gracious work [of almsgiving] also.

8I give this not as an order [to dictate to you], but to prove, by [pointing out] the zeal of others, the sincerity of your [own] love also.

9For you are becoming progressively acquainted with {and} recognizing more strongly {and} clearly the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (His kindness, His gracious generosity, His undeserved favor and spiritual blessing), [in] that though He was [so very] rich, yet for your sakes He became [so very] poor, in order that by His poverty you might become enriched (abundantly supplied).

10[It is then] my counsel {and} my opinion in this matter that I give [you when I say]: It is profitable {and} fitting for you [now to complete the enterprise] which more than a year ago you not only began, but were the first to wish to do anything [about contributions for the relief of the saints at Jerusalem].

11So now finish doing it, that your [enthusiastic] readiness in desiring it may be equalled by your completion of it according to your ability {and} means.

12For if the [eager] readiness to give is there, then it is acceptable {and} welcomed in proportion to what a person has, not according to what he does not have.

13For it is not [intended] that other people be eased {and} relieved [of their responsibility] and you be burdened {and} suffer [unfairly],

14But to have equality [share and share alike], your surplus over necessity at the present time going to meet their want {and} to equalize the difference created by it, so that [at some other time] their surplus in turn may be given to supply your want. Thus there may be equality,

15As it is written, He who gathered much had nothing over, and he who gathered little did not lack.

16But thanks be to God Who planted the same earnest zeal {and} care for you in the heart of Titus.

17For he not only welcomed {and} responded to our appeal, but was himself so keen in his enthusiasm {and} interest in you that he is going to you of his own accord.

18But we are sending along with him that brother [Luke?] whose praise in the Gospel ministry [is spread] throughout all the churches;

19And more than that, he has been appointed by the churches to travel as our companion in regard to this bountiful contribution which we are administering for the glory of the Lord Himself and [to show] our eager readiness [as Christians to help one another].

20[For] we are on our guard, intending that no one should find anything for which to blame us in regard to our administration of this large contribution.

21For we take thought beforehand {and} aim to be honest {and} absolutely above suspicion, not only in the sight of the Lord but also in the sight of men.

22Moreover, along with them we are sending our brother, whom we have often put to the test and have found him zealous (devoted and earnest) in many matters, but who is now more [eagerly] earnest than ever because of [his] absolute confidence in you.

23As for Titus, he is my colleague and shares my work in your service; and as for the [other two] brethren, they are the [special] messengers of the churches, a credit {and} glory to Christ (the Messiah).

24Show to these men, therefore, in the sight of the churches, the reality {and} plain truth of your love (your affection, goodwill, and benevolence) and what [good reasons] I had for boasting about {and} being proud of you.

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