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John urged people to read this book, listen carefully to it, and obey it.

1This book tells the message that God revealed to Jesus Christ. God revealed it to him in order that he might reveal to his servants the things/events that must happen soon. Jesus communicated this message to me, his servant John, by sending his angel to me.

2As I write it, I, John, am truthfully reporting everything that I saw and heard, the message from God that Jesus Christtruthfully reported to me.

3God is pleased with those who read this book to the congregation, and he will be pleased with those who listen carefully to it and obey what he has commanded by means of this prophetic message that I am writing. So read this message, listen carefully to it, and obey it, because these things that Jesus has revealed will happen soon.

John said that he was writing to believers in the seven congregations in Asia. He prayed that God wo

4I, John, am writing this to you believers in the seven congregations that are located in Asia province. I pray that God the Father, God’s Spirit, and Jesus Christ may act kindly toward (OR, bless) you and cause you to have inner peace. God the Father is the one who exists, who has always existed, and who will always exist. The Spirit of God, who is in front of God’s throne, has all kinds of power (OR, is symbolized as seven spirits).

5Jesus Christ is the one who has faithfully told people about God. He is the first one …whom God has raised from the dead/who became alive again after being dead†, in order to show that he will raise us who trust him. He is the one who rules the kings of the earth. He is the one who loves us. He is the one who has cancelled the guilt for our sins. He did that by the bloodwhich flowed from his body when he died on the cross.

6He is the one who has caused us to become people over whose lives God rules, and he has made us to be priests who serve his God and Father. As a result of this, we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is eternally divine and eternally powerful. …Amen!/That is true!†

7Listen! Christ will surely come in the midst of the clouds in order that he may judge the rebellious people of earth, and everyone [SYN] will see him come. Even those who are responsible for piercing and killing him [MTY] will see him come. People from all people-groups on earth will mourn because he will punish them. …Amen!/May it be so.†

8The Lord God declares, “I am the one who begins all things, and I am the one who will cause all things to end [MET].” He is the one who exists, who has always existed, and who will always exist. He is the Almighty One.

Christ appeared to John and commissioned him to write down the vision that he was about to give him

9I, John, your fellow believer, am suffering as you are because of our letting Jesus rule our lives. We are steadfastly enduring trials because of our relationship with him. I was sent to the island that is called {that people call} Patmos because of my proclaiming God’s message and telling people about Jesus.

10God’s Spirit took control of me on one of the days that we believers met to worship the Lord.

11At that time, I heard behind me someone speaking to me as loudly and as clearly [SIM] as a trumpet. He was saying to me, “Write on a scroll what you see, and send it to seven congregations. Send it to the congregations in Ephesus city, in Smyrna city, in Pergamum city, in Thyatira city, in Sardis city, in Philadelphia city, and in Laodicea city.”

12In this vision I turned in order that I might see who had spoken to me [SYN]. When I turned,

13I saw seven golden lampstands. In the midst of the lampstands there was someone who looked like one who came from heaven. He wore a robe that reached to his feet, and he wore a gold band around his chest.

14The hair on his head was white like white wool or like snow. His eyes were shining brightly [SIM], like a flame of fire.

15His feet looked like brass that glows as it is being purified {as people purify it} in a furnace. When he spoke, his voice sounded like the sound made by a huge waterfall (OR, a great/wide river of rushing water).

16In his right hand he held seven stars. A sword that had two sharp edges extended from his mouth. His face shone as bright as the sun shines at midday [MTY].

17When I saw him, I fell down at his feet and was unable to move or speak [SIM], as though I were dead. But he put his right hand on me and said to me, “Stop being afraid! I am the one who begins all things and the one who causes all things to end.

18I am the one who always lives. Although I died, I am alive and will live forever! I have the power to cause people to die, and I have authority over the place where all the dead people are.

19So write the vision that you are seeing. Write about the conditions that exist now, and the events that are about to happen afterward.

20The meaning of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands that you saw is this: The seven stars in my hand represent the leaders, who are like angels, who watch over the seven congregations, and the seven lampstands represent the seven congregations.”+

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