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A song of David.

1I will sing about love and justice. LORD, I will sing to you.

2I will be careful to live a pure life. I will live in my house with complete honesty. When will you come to me?

3I will not even look at anything shameful. I hate all wrongdoing. I want no part of it!

4I will not be involved in anything dishonest. I will have nothing to do with evil.

5I will stop anyone who secretly says bad things about a neighbor. I will not allow people to be proud and think they are better than others.

6I will look throughout the land for those who can be trusted. Only such people can live with me. Only those who live pure lives can be my servants.

7I will never let a dishonest person live in my house. I will not let liars stay near me.

8My goal each day will be to destroy the wicked living in our land. I will force all who do evil to leave the city of the LORD.

 <<  Mazmur 101 >> 

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