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A prayer of David.

1LORD, hear my prayer for justice. I am calling loudly to you. I am being honest in what I say, so please listen to my prayer.

2You will make the right decision, because you can see the truth.

3You were with me all night and looked deep into my heart. You questioned me and found that I did not say or do anything wrong.

4Unlike most people, I have obeyed your commands, so I have never been like those who are cruel and evil.

5I have followed your way. My feet never left your path.

6Every time I call to you, God, you answer me. So listen to me now, and hear what I say.

7Show your amazing kindness and rescue those who depend on you. Use your great power and protect them from their enemies.

8Protect me like the pupil of your eye. Hide me in the shadow of your wings.

9Save me from the wicked people who are trying to destroy me. Protect me from those who come to hurt me.

10They think only of themselves and brag about what they will do.

11They have been following me, and now they are all around me. They watch me, waiting to throw me to the ground.

12Like hungry lions, they want to kill and eat. Like young lions, they hide, ready to attack.

13LORD, get up and face the enemy. Make them surrender. Use your sword and save me from these wicked people.

14Use your power, LORD, and remove them from this life. But as for the people you treasure, fill them with food. Give them plenty for their children and their grandchildren.

15I have done only what is right, so I will see your face. And seeing you, I will be fully satisfied.

 <<  Mazmur 17 >> 

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