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1The LORD rules, and the earth is happy. All the faraway lands are happy.

2Thick, dark clouds surround him. Goodness and justice make his kingdom strong.

3Fire goes before him and destroys his enemies.

4His lightning flashes in the sky. The earth sees it and trembles with fear.

5The mountains melt like wax before the LORD, before the Lord of all the earth.

6The skies tell about his goodness, and the nations see his glory.

7People worship their idols. They brag about their “gods.” But they will be embarrassed. And all their “gods” will bow down before the Lord.

8Zion, listen and be happy! Cities of Judah, be glad! Rejoice because the LORD'S decisions are fair.

9LORD Most High, you really are the ruler of the earth. You are much better than the “gods.”

10Hate evil, you who love the LORD. He protects his followers and saves them from evil people.

11Light and happiness shine on those who want to do right.

12Good people, be happy in the LORD! Praise his holy name!

 <<  Mazmur 97 >> 

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