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Hasil 1-20 / 49 ayat untuk hebrew:Ksx. (Lihat Kamus Bahasa)
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Job 5:14
They meet with darkness in the daytime, and grope about in the noontime as if it were night.

Job 12:25
They grope about in darkness without light; he makes them stagger like drunkards.

Job 18:6
The light in his tent grows dark; his lamp above him is extinguished.

Job 18:18
He is driven from light into darkness and is banished from the world.

Psalms 107:10
They sat in utter darkness, bound in painful iron chains,

Proverbs 2:13
who leave the upright paths to walk on the dark ways,

Lamentations 3:2
He drove me into captivity and made me walk in darkness and not light.

Exodus 10:21
The Lord said to Moses, “Extend your hand toward heaven so that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, a darkness so thick it can be felt.”

Isaiah 5:30
At that time they will growl over their prey, it will sound like sea waves crashing against rocks. One will look out over the land and see the darkness of disaster, clouds will turn the light into darkness.

2 Samuel 22:12
He shrouded himself in darkness, in thick rain clouds.

Job 10:21
before I depart, never to return, to the land of darkness and the deepest shadow,

Job 12:22
He reveals the deep things of darkness, and brings deep shadows into the light.

Job 17:12
These men change night into day; they say, ‘The light is near in the face of darkness.’

Job 19:8
He has blocked my way so I cannot pass, and has set darkness over my paths.

Job 22:11
why it is so dark you cannot see, and why a flood of water covers you.

Job 23:17
Yet I have not been silent because of the darkness, because of the thick darkness that covered my face.

Job 29:3
when he caused his lamp to shine upon my head, and by his light I walked through darkness;

Job 34:22
There is no darkness, and no deep darkness, where evildoers can hide themselves.

Job 37:19
Tell us what we should say to him. We cannot prepare a case because of the darkness.

Psalms 35:6
May their path be dark and slippery, as the Lord’s angel chases them!

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