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1NOW, my brothers, I want to remind you of the gospel which I have previously preached to you, which you accepted, on which you have taken your stand

2and by which, if you remain faithful to the message I gave you, your salvation is being worked outunless, of course, your faith had no meaning behind it at all.

3For I passed on to you, as essential, the message I had myself receivedthat Christ died for our sins, as the scriptures said he would;

4that he was buried and rose again on the third day, again as the scriptures foretold.

5He was seen by Cephas, then by the twelve,

6and subsequently he was seen simultaneously by over five hundred Christians, of whom the majority are still alive, though some have since died.

7He was then seen by James, then by all the messengers.

8And last of all, as to one born abnormally late, he appeared even to me!

9I am the least of the messengers, and indeed I do not deserve that title at all, because I persecuted the Church of God.

10But what I am now I am by the grace of God. The grace he gave me has not proved a barren gift. I have worked harder than any of the othersand yet it was not I but this same grace of God within me.

11In any event, whoever has done the work, whether I or they, this has been our message and this has been your faith.

12Now if the rising of Christ from the dead is the very heart of our message, how can some of you deny that there is any resurrection?

13For if there is no such thing as the resurrection of the dead, then Christ was never raised.

14And if Christ was not raised then neither our preaching nor your faith has any meaning at all.

15Further it would mean that we are lying in our witness for God, for we have given our solemn testimony that he did raise up Christand that is utterly false if it should be true that the dead do not, in fact, rise again!

16For if the dead do not rise neither did Christ rise,

17and if Christ did not rise your faith is futile and your sins have never been forgiven.

18Moreover these who have died believing in Christ are utterly dead and gone.

19Truly, if our hope in Christ were limited to this life only we should, of all mankind, be the most to be pitied!

20But the glorious fact is that Christ was raised from the dead: he has become the very first to rise of all who sleep the sleep of death.

21As death entered the world through a man, so has rising from the dead come to us through a man!

22As members of a sinful race all men die; as members of Christ all men shall be raised to life,

23each in his proper order, with Christ the very first and after him all who belong to him when he comes.

24Then, and not till then, comes the end when Christ, having abolished all other rule, authority and power,

25hands over the kingdom to God the Father. Christ's reign will and must continue until every enemy has been conquered.

26The last enemy of all to he destroyed is death itself.

27The scripture says: He hath put all things in subjection under his feet. But in the term "all things" it is quite obvious that God, who brings them all under subjection to Christ, is himself excepted.

28Nevertheless, when everything has been made subject to God, then shall the Son himself be subject to God, who gave him power over all things. Thus, in the end, shall God be wholly and absolutely God.

29Further, you should consider this, that if there is to be no resurrection what is the point of some of you being baptized for the dead by proxy? Why should you be baptized for [dead bodies]?

30And why should we live a life of such hourly danger?

31I assure you, by the proud certainty which we share in Christ Jesus our Lord, that I face death every day of my life!

32And if, to use the popular expression, I have "fought with wild beasts" here in Ephesus, what is the good of an ordeal like that if there is no life after this one? Let us rather eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die!

33Don't let yourselves be deceived. It is true that "evil communications corrupt good manners".

34Come back to your right senses, and stop sinning like this! Remember that there are men who have no knowledge of God. You should be ashamed that I have to write like this!

35But perhaps someone will ask, "How is the resurrection achieved? With what sort of body do the dead arrive?"

36Now that is a silly question! In your own experience you know that a seed does not germinate without itself "dying".

37When you sow a seed you do not sow the "body" that will eventually be produced, but bare grain, of wheat, for example, or one of the other seeds.

38God gives the seed a "body" according to his lawsa different "body" to each kind of seed.

39Then again, all flesh is not identical. There is a difference in the flesh of human beings, animals, birds and fish.

40There are bodies which exist in the heavens, and bodies which exist in this world. The splendor of an earthly body is quite a different thing from the splendor of a heavenly body.

41The sun, the moon and the stars all have their own particular splendor; and one star differs from another in splendor.

42There are illustrations here of the raising of the dead. The body is "sown" in corruption; it is raised beyond the reach of corruption.

43It is "sown" in dishonour; it is raised in splendor. It is sown in weakness; it is raised in power.

44It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. As there is a natural body so will there be a spiritual body.

45It is written, moreover, that: The first man Adam became a living soul. So the last Adam is a lifegiving Spirit.

46But we should notice that the "spiritual" does not come first: the order is "natural" first and then "spiritual".

47The first man came out of the earth, a material creature; the second man came from heaven.

48For the life of this world men are made like the material man; but for the life that is to come they are made like the one from heaven.

49So that just as we have been made like the material pattern, so we shall be made like the heavenly pattern.

50For I assure you, my brothers, it is utterly impossible for flesh and blood to possess the kingdom God. The transitory could never possess the everlasting.

51Listen, and I will tell you a secret. We shall not all die,

52but suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye, every one of us will be changed as the last trumpet sounds! For the trumpet will sound and the dead shall be raised beyond the reach of corruption, and we shall be changed.

53For this perishable nature of ours must be wrapped in imperishability, these bodies which are mortal must he wrapped in immortality.

54So when the perishable is lost in the imperishable, the mortal lost in the immortal, this scripture will come true: Death is swallowed up in victory.

55Where now, O death, is your victory; where now is your stinging power?

56It is sin which gives death its sting, and it is the Law which gives sin its power.

57All thanks to God, then, who gives us the victory over these things through our Lord Jesus Christ!

58And so, brothers of mine, stand firm! Let nothing move you as you busy yourselves in the Lord's work. Be sure that nothing you do for him is ever lost or ever wasted.

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