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1WITH these promises ringing in our ears, dear friends, let us cleanse ourselves from anything that pollutes body or soul. Let us prove our reverence for God by consecrating ourselves to him completely.

2Do make room in your hearts for us! Not one of you has ever been wronged or ruined or cheated by us.

3I don't say this to condemn your attitude, but simply because, as I said before, whether we meet death or life together you live in our hearts.

4I talk to you with utter frankness; I think of you with deepest pride. Whatever troubles I have gone through, the thought of you has filled me with comfort and deep happiness.

5For even when we arrived in Macedonia we found no rest but trouble all round uswrangling outside and anxiety within.

6Not but what God, who cheers the depressed, gave us the comfort of the arrival of Titus.

7And it wasn't merely his coming that cheered us, but the comfort you had given him, for he could tell us of your eagerness to see me, your deep sorrow and keen interest on my behalf. All that made me doubly glad to see him.

8For although my letter had hurt you I don't regret it now (even if I did at one time). I can see that the letter did upset you, though only for a time,

9and now I am glad I sent it, not because I want to hurt you but because it made you grieve for things that were wrong. In other words, the result was to make you sorry as God would have had you sorry, and not to make you feel injured by what we said.

10The sorrow which God uses means a change of heart and leads to salvation without regretit is the world's sorrow that is such a deadly thing.

11You can look back now and see how the hand of God was in that sorrow. Look how seriously it made you think, how eager it made you to prove your innocence, how indignant it made you and how afraid! Look how it made you long for my presence, how it stirred up your keenness for the faith, how ready it made you to punish the offender! You have completely cleared yourselves in this matter.

12Now I did not write that letter really for the sake of the man who sinned, or even for the sake of the one who was sinned against, but to let you see for yourselves, in the sight of God, how deeply you really do care for us.

13That is why we now feel so encouraged, and, in addition, our sense of joy was greatly enhanced by knowing what happiness you all gave to Titus by setting his mind at rest.

14You see, I had told him of my pride in you, and you have not let me down. I have always spoken the truth to you, and this proves that my proud words [about] you were true as well.

15Titus himself has a much greater love for you, now that he has seen for himself the obedience you gave him, and the respect and reverence with which you treated him.

16I am profoundly glad to have my confidence in you so fully proved.

 <<  2 Korintus 7 >> 

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