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1Such are the promises that have been made to us, dear friends. Let us therefore cleanse ourselves from all that can defile flesh or spirit and, in the fear of God, let us complete our consecration.

2MAKE a place for us in your hearts! We have wronged no one, ruined no one, exploited no one.

3My words are no reflection on you. I have told you before that, come death, come life, your place in our hearts is secure.

4I am speaking to you with great frankness, but my pride in you is just as great. In all our many troubles my cup is full of consolation and overflows with joy.

5Even when we reached Macedonia we still found no relief; instead trouble met us at every turn, fights without and fears within.

6But God, who brings comfort to the downcast, has comforted us by the arrival of Titus,

7and not merely by his arrival, but by his being so greatly encouraged about you. He has told us how you long for me, how sorry you are, and how eager to take my side; and that has made me happier still.

8Even if I did hurt you by the letter I sent, I do not now regret it. I did regret it; but now that I see the letter gave you pain, though only for a time,

9I am happy -- not because of the pain but because the pain led to a change of heart. You bore the pain as God would have you bear it, and so you came to no harm from what we did.

10Pain borne in God's way brings no regrets but a change of heart leading to salvation; pain borne in the world's way brings death.

11You bore your pain in God's way, and just look at the results: it made you take the matter seriously and vindicate yourselves; it made you indignant and apprehensive; it aroused your longing for me, your devotion, and your eagerness to see justice done! At every point you have cleared yourselves of blame.

12And so, although I did send you that letter, it was not the offender or his victim that most concerned me. My aim in writing was to help to make plain to you, in the sight of God, how truly you are devoted to us.

13That is why we have been so encouraged. But besides being encouraged ourselves, we have also been delighted beyond everything by seeing how happy Titus is: you have all helped to set his mind completely at rest.

14Anything I may have said to him to show my pride in you has been justified. Every word we addressed to you bore the mark of truth, and the same holds of the proud boast we made in the presence of Titus; that also has proved true.

15His heart warms all the more to you as he recalls how ready you all were to do what he asked, meeting him as you did in fear and trembling.

16How happy I am now to have complete confidence in you!

 <<  2 Korintus 7 >> 

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