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1This is the law of the reparation-offering. It is most holy;

2the reparation victim must be slaughtered in the place where the whole-offering is slaughtered, and its blood flung against the sides of the altar.

3The priest must present all the fat from it: the fat-tail and the fat covering the entrails,

4both kidneys with the fat on them beside the loins, and the long lobe of the liver with the kidneys.

5The priest must burn those pieces on the altar as a food-offering to the LORD: it is a reparation-offering.

6Only males belonging to the priestly family may eat it. It is to be eaten in a sacred place; it is most holy.

7There is one law for both purification-offering and reparation-offering: they belong to the priest who performs the rite of expiation.

8The hide of anyone's whole-offering belongs to the priest who presents it.

9Every grain-offering baked in an oven and everything that is cooked in a pan or on a griddle belong to the priest who presents them.

10Every grain-offering, whether mixed with oil or dry, is to be shared equally among all the Aaronites.

11This is the law of the shared-offering presented to the LORD.

12If someone presents it as a thank-offering, then, in addition to the thank-offering, he must present unleavened bread mixed with oil, wafers of unleavened flour smeared with oil, and flat bread-cakes of well-mixed flour moistened with oil.

13He must present flat cakes of leavened bread in addition to his shared thank-offering.

14One part of every offering he is to present as a contribution for the LORD: it is to belong to the priest who flings the blood of the shared-offering against the altar.

15The flesh must be eaten on the day it is presented; none of it may be put aside till morning.

16If, however, anyone's sacrifice is a votive offering or a freewill-offering, it may be eaten on the day it is presented or on the next day;

17but any flesh left over on the third day must be destroyed by fire.

18If any flesh of his shared-offering is eaten on the third day, the one who has presented it will not be accepted. It will not be counted to his credit, but will be reckoned as tainted, and the person who eats any of it must accept responsibility.

19If the flesh comes into contact with anything unclean it must not be eaten; it must be destroyed by fire. Flesh may be eaten by anyone who is clean,

20but the person who, while unclean, eats flesh from a shared-offering presented to the LORD is to be cut off from his father's kin.

21When any person is contaminated by contact with anything unclean, be it man, beast, or swarming creature, and then eats any of the flesh from the shared-offerings presented to the LORD, that person is to be cut off from his father's kin.

22The LORD told Moses

23to say to the Israelites: You must not eat the fat of any ox, sheep, or goat.

24The fat of an animal that has died a natural death or has been mauled by wild beasts may be put to any other use, but you are not to eat it.

25Everyone who eats fat from a beast from which food-offerings are presented to the LORD is to be cut off from his father's kin.

26You are not to consume any of the blood, whether of bird or of beast, wherever you may live.

27Anyone consuming any of the blood is to be cut off from his father's kin.

28The LORD told Moses

29to say to the Israelites: Whoever comes to present a shared-offering must set aside part of it as an offering to the LORD.

30With his own hands he is to bring the food-offerings to the LORD. He must also bring the fat together with the breast which is to be presented as a dedicated portion before the LORD.

31The priest must burn the fat on the altar, but the breast is to belong to Aaron and his descendants.

32Give the right hind leg of your shared-offerings as a contribution for the priest;

33it will be the perquisite of the Aaronite who presents the blood and the fat of the shared-offering.

34I have taken from the Israelites the breast of the dedicated portion and the leg of the contribution made out of the shared-offerings, and have given them as a due from the Israelites to Aaron the priest and his descendants for all time.

35This is the portion allotted to Aaron and his descendants out of the LORD's food-offerings, appointed on the day when they were presented as priests to the LORD;

36and on the day when they were anointed, the LORD commanded that these prescribed portions should be given to them by the Israelites. This is a rule binding on their descendants for all time.

37Such, then, is the law concerning the whole-offering, the grain-offering, the purification-offering, the reparation-offering, the ordination-offering, and the shared-offering,

38with which the LORD charged Moses on Mount Sinai on the day when he commanded the Israelites to present their offerings to the LORD in the wilderness of Sinai.

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