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1A prayer: for David LORD, hear my plea for justice, give heed to my cry; listen to the prayer from my lips, for they are innocent of all deceit.

2Let your judgement be given in my favour; let your eyes discern what is right.

3You have tested my heart and watched me all night long; you have assayed me and found no malice in me.

4Guided by the words of your lips, I have observed the deeds of mortals, their violent ways.

5My steps have held steadily to your paths; my feet have not faltered.

6God, I call upon you, for you will answer me. Bend down your ear to me, listen to my words.

7Show me how marvellous is your unfailing love: your right hand saves those who seek sanctuary from their assailants.

8Guard me like the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings

9from the wicked who do me violence, from deadly foes who throng around me.

10They have stifled all compassion; their mouths utter proud words;

11they press me hard, now they hem me in, on the watch to bring me to the ground.

12The enemy is like a lion hungry for prey, like a young lion crouching in ambush.

13Arise, LORD, confront them and bring them down. Save my life from the wicked; make an end of them with your sword.

14With your hand, LORD, make an end of them; thrust them out of this world from among the living. May those whom you cherish have food in plenty, may their children be satisfied and their little ones inherit their wealth.

15My plea is just: may I see your face and be blest with a vision of you when I awake.

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