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1A maskil: for Asaph GOD, why have you cast us off? And is it for ever? Why do you fume with anger at the flock you used to shepherd?

2Remember the assembly of your people, taken long since for your own, redeemed to be your own tribe. Remember Mount Zion, which you made your dwelling-place.

3Restore now what has been altogether ruined, all the destruction that the foe has brought on your sanctuary.

4The shouts of your enemies filled your temple; they planted their standards there as tokens of victory.

5They brought it crashing down, like woodmen plying their axes in the forest;

6they ripped out the carvings, they smashed them with hatchet and pick.

7They set fire to your sanctuary, tore down and polluted the abode of your name.

8They said to themselves, “Let us together oppress them,” and they burnt every holy place throughout the land.

9We cannot see any sign for us, we have no prophet now; no one amongst us knows how long this is to last.

10How long, God, will the foe utter his taunts? Will the enemy pour scorn on your name for ever?

11Why do you hold back your hand, why keep your right hand within your bosom?

12God, my King from of old, whose saving acts are wrought on earth,

13by your power you cleft the sea monster in two and broke the sea serpent's heads in the waters;

14you crushed the heads of Leviathan and threw him to the sharks for food.

15You opened channels for spring and torrent; you dried up streams never known to fail.

16The day is yours, yours also is the night; you ordered the light of moon and sun.

17You have fixed all the regions of the earth; you created both summer and winter.

18Remember, LORD, the taunts of the enemy, the scorn a barbarous nation pours on your name.

19Do not cast to the beasts the soul that confesses you; do not forget for ever the sufferings of your servants.

20Look upon your creatures: they are filled with dark thoughts, and the land is a haunt of violence.

21Let not the oppressed be shamed and turned away; may the poor and the downtrodden praise your name.

22Rise up, God, defend your cause; remember how fools mock you all day long.

23Ignore no longer the uproar of your assailants, the ever-rising clamour of those who defy you.

 <<  Mazmur 74 >> 

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