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1AFTER you come into the land which the LORD your God is giving you to occupy as your holding and settle in it,

2you are to take some of the firstfruits of all the produce of the soil, which you harvest from the land which the LORD your God is giving you, and, having put them in a basket, go to the place which the LORD your God will choose as a dwelling for his name.

3When you come to the priest, whoever he is at that time, say to him, “I acknowledge this day to the LORD your God that I have entered the land which the LORD swore to our forefathers to give us.”

4The priest will receive the basket from your hand and set it down before the altar of the LORD your God.

5Then you must solemnly recite before the LORD your God: “My father was a homeless Aramaean who went down to Egypt and lived there with a small band of people, but there it became a great, powerful, and large nation.

6The Egyptians treated us harshly and humiliated us; they imposed cruel slavery on us.

7We cried to the LORD the God of our fathers for help, and he listened to us, and, when he saw our misery and hardship and oppression,

8the LORD led us out of Egypt with a strong hand and outstretched arm, with terrifying deeds, and with signs and portents.

9He brought us to this place and gave us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey.

10Now I have brought here the firstfruits of the soil which you, LORD, have given me.” You are then to set the basket before the LORD your God and bow in worship before him.

11You are to rejoice, you and the Levites and the aliens living among you, in all the good things which the LORD your God has bestowed on you and your household.

12In the third year, the tithe-year, when you have finished taking the tithe of your produce and have given it to the Levites and to the aliens, the fatherless, and the widows, so that they may eat it in your settlements and be well fed,

13then declare before the LORD your God: “I have rid my house of the tithe that was holy to you and given it to the Levites, to the aliens, the fatherless, and the widows, according to all the commandments which you laid on me. I have not infringed or forgotten any of your commandments.

14I have not eaten any of the tithe while in mourning, nor have I got rid of any of it while unclean, nor offered any to the dead. I have obeyed the LORD my God, doing all that you commanded me.

15Look down from heaven, your holy dwelling-place, and bless your people Israel and the soil which you have given to us as you promised on oath to our forefathers, a land flowing with milk and honey.”

16This day the LORD your God commands you to keep these statutes and laws: be careful to observe them with all your heart and soul.

17You have recognized the LORD this day as your God; you are to conform to his ways, to keep his statutes, his commandments, and his laws, and to obey him.

18The LORD has recognized you this day as his special possession, as he promised you, and you are to keep all his commandments;

19high above all the nations which he has made he will raise you, to bring him praise and fame and glory, and to be a people holy to the LORD your God, according to his promise.

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