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Synonym for: Servant, Slave.

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is the usual word for slave, one who is permanently in
servitude, in subjection to a master.

is simply one who renders service at a particular time,
sometimes as a slave, more often as a freeman, who renders voluntary
service prompted by duty or love. It denotes one who serves, in
his relation to a person.

also may designate either a slave or a freeman, it denotes
a servant viewed in relation to his work.

designates a slave, sometimes being practically equivalent
to . Usually, however, as the etymology of the term
indicates, it means a slave as a member of the household, not
emphasizing the servile idea, but rather the relation which would tend
to mitigate the severity of his condition.

means literally an under-rower, and was used to describe
an ordinary rower on a war-galley. It is then used, as in the N.T., to
indicate any man, not a slave, who served in a subordinate position
under a superior.

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