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1 Praise be to the God of my strength, teaching my hands the use of the sword, and my fingers the art of fighting:

2He is my strength, and my Rock; my high tower, and my saviour; my keeper and my hope: he gives me authority over my people.

3Lord, what is man, that you keep him in mind? or the son of man that you take him into account?

4Man is like a breath: his life is like a shade which is quickly gone.

5Come down, O Lord, from your heavens: at your touch let the mountains give out smoke.

6With your storm-flames send them in flight: send out your arrows for their destruction.

7Put out your hand from on high; make me free, take me safely out of the great waters, and out of the hands of strange men;

8In whose mouths are false words, and whose right hand is a right hand of deceit.

9I will make a new song to you, O God; I will make melody to you on an instrument of ten cords.

10It is God who gives salvation to kings; and who kept his servant David from the wounding sword.

11Make me free, and take me out of the hands of strange men, in whose mouths are false words, and whose right hand is a right hand of deceit.

12Our sons are like tall young plants; and our daughters like the shining stones of a king’s house;

13Our store-houses are full of all good things; and our sheep give birth to thousands and ten thousands in our fields.

14Our oxen are well weighted down; our cows give birth safely; there is no going out, and there is no cry of sorrow in our open places.

15Happy is the nation whose ways are so ordered: yes, happy is the nation whose God is the Lord.

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