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1These are the sayings that King Lemuel of Massa was taught by his mother.

2My son Lemuel, you were born in answer to my prayers, so listen carefully.

3Don't waste your life chasing after women! This has ruined many kings.

4Kings and leaders should not get drunk or even want to drink.

5Drinking makes you forget your responsibilities, and you mistreat the poor.

6Beer and wine are only for the dying or for those who have lost all hope.

7Let them drink and forget how poor and miserable they feel.

8But you must defend those who are helpless and have no hope.

9Be fair and give justice to the poor and homeless.

10A truly good wife is the most precious treasure a man can find!

11Her husband depends on her, and she never lets him down.

12She is good to him every day of her life,

13and with her own hands she gladly makes clothes.

14She is like a sailing ship that brings food from across the sea.

15She gets up before daylight to prepare food for her family and for her servants.

16She knows how to buy land and how to plant a vineyard,

17and she always works hard.

18She knows when to buy or sell, and she stays busy until late at night.

19She spins her own cloth,

20and she helps the poor and the needy.

21Her family has warm clothing, and so she doesn't worry when it snows.

22She does her own sewing, and everything she wears is beautiful.

23Her husband is a well-known and respected leader in the city.

24She makes clothes to sell to the shop owners.

25She is strong and graceful, as well as cheerful about the future.

26Her words are sensible, and her advice is thoughtful.

27She takes good care of her family and is never lazy.

28Her children praise her, and with great pride her husband says,

29"There are many good women, but you are the best!"

30Charm can be deceiving, and beauty fades away, but a woman who honors the LORD deserves to be praised.

31Show her respect-- praise her in public for what she has done.

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