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1Shout praises to the LORD! The LORD blesses everyone who worships him and gladly obeys his teachings.

2Their descendants will have great power in the land, because the LORD blesses all who do right.

3They will get rich and prosper and will always be remembered for their fairness.

4They will be so kind and merciful and good, that they will be a light in the dark for others who do the right thing.

5Life will go well for those who freely lend and are honest in business.

6They won't ever be troubled, and the kind things they do will never be forgotten.

7Bad news won't bother them; they have decided to trust the LORD.

8They are dependable and not afraid, and they will live to see their enemies defeated.

9They will always be remembered and greatly praised, because they were kind and freely gave to the poor.

10When evil people see this, they angrily bite their tongues and disappear. They will never get what they really want.

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 <<  Mazmur 112 >> 

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