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1“But now men younger than I make fun of me— men whose fathers were too worthless to put with my sheep dogs.

2Their fathers are still too weak to be of any use to me. All their strength is gone.

3They are starving with nothing to eat, so they chew on the dry, ruined land.

4They pull up salt plants in the desert and eat the roots from the broom tree.

5They are forced away from other people, who shout at them as if they were thieves.

6They must live in the dry riverbeds, hillside caves, and holes in the ground.

7They howl in the bushes and huddle together under thornbushes.

8They are a bunch of worthless people without names, who were forced to leave their country.

9“Now their sons sing songs to make fun of me. My name has become a bad word to them.

10They hate me and stay far away from me, except when they come to spit in my face!

11God has taken the string from my bow and made me weak, so they feel free to do whatever they want to me.

12They attack me on my right side. They knock my feet out from under me. They build ramps to attack and destroy me like a city.

13They guard the road so that I cannot escape. They succeed in destroying me, without help from anyone.

14They break a hole in the wall and come rushing through it, and the crashing rocks fall on me.

15I am shaking with fear. They chased my honor away like dust in the wind. My safety disappears like a cloud.

16“Now my life is almost gone, and soon I will die. Days of suffering have grabbed me.

17All my bones ache at night. Pain never stops chewing on me.

18God grabbed the collar of my coat and twisted my clothes out of shape.

19He threw me into the mud, and I became like dust and ashes.

20“God, I cry out to you for help, but you don’t answer. I stand up and pray, but you don’t pay attention to me.

21You have become cruel to me; you use your power to hurt me.

22You let the strong wind blow me away. You throw me around in the storm.

23I know you will lead me to my death, to that place where all the living must go.

24“Surely no one would attack a man who is already ruined, when he is hurt and crying for help.

25God, you know that I cried for those who were in trouble. You know that I mourned for the poor.

26But when I hoped for good, trouble came instead. When I looked for light, darkness came.

27I constantly feel upset. And my suffering has only just begun.

28I am always sad and depressed, without any relief. I stand up in the public meeting and cry for help,

29making sad sounds like the wild dogs or ostriches in the desert.

30My skin is burned and peeling away. My body is hot with fever.

31My harp is tuned to play songs of sorrow. My flute makes sad sounds like someone crying.

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