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A song of David.

1My soul, praise the LORD! Every part of me, praise his holy name!

2My soul, praise the LORD and never forget how kind he is!

3He forgives all our sins and heals all our sicknesses.

4He saves us from the grave, and he gives us love and compassion.

5He gives us plenty of good things. He makes us young again, like an eagle that grows new feathers.

6The LORD does what is fair. He brings justice to all who have been hurt by others.

7He taught his laws to Moses. He let Israel see the powerful things he can do.

8The LORD is kind and merciful. He is patient and full of love.

9He does not always criticize. He does not stay angry with us forever.

10We sinned against him, but he didn’t give us the punishment we deserved.

11His love for his followers is as high above us as heaven is above the earth.

12And he has taken our sins as far away from us as the east is from the west.

13The LORD is as kind to his followers as a father is to his children.

14He knows all about us. He knows we are made from dust.

15He knows our lives are short, that they are like grass. He knows we are like a little wildflower that grows so quickly,

16but when the hot wind blows, it dies. Soon, you cannot even see where the flower was.

17But the LORD has always loved his followers, and he will continue to love them forever and ever! He will be good to all their descendants,

18to those who are faithful to his agreement and who remember to obey his commands.

19The LORD set his throne up in heaven, and he rules over everything.

20Angels, praise the LORD! You angels are the powerful soldiers who obey his commands. You listen to him and obey his commands.

21Praise the LORD, all his armies. You are his servants, and you do what he wants.

22Everything the LORD has made should praise him throughout the world that he rules! My soul, praise the LORD!

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