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1I love the LORD for hearing me, for listening to my prayers.

2Yes, he paid attention to me, so I will always call to him whenever I need help.

3Death’s ropes were around me. The grave was closing in on me. I was worried and afraid.

4Then I called on the LORD'S name. I said, “LORD, save me!”

5The LORD is good and merciful; our God is so kind.

6The LORD takes care of helpless people. I was without help, and he saved me.

7My soul, relax! The LORD is caring for you.

8Lord, you saved my soul from death. You stopped my tears. You kept me from falling.

9I will continue to serve the LORD in the land of the living.

10I continued believing even when I said, “I am completely ruined!”

11Yes, even when I was upset and said, “There is no one I can trust!”

12What can I give the LORD for all that he has done for me?

13He saved me, so I will give him a drink offering, and I will call on the LORD'S name.

14I will give the LORD what I promised. I will go in front of all his people now.

15Very dear to the LORD are the lives of his followers. He cares when they face death.

16LORD, I am your servant! Yes, I am your slave, as my mother was. You set me free from the chains of death.

17I will give you a thank offering. I will call on the LORD'S name.

18I will stand before the gathering of his people and give the LORD what I promised.

19I will do this in Jerusalem, in the courtyards of the LORD'S Temple. Praise the LORD!

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