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Jesus Goes to His Home Town
(Mt. 13:53–58; Lk. 4:16–30)

1Jesus left there and went back to his home town. His followers went with him.

2On the Sabbath day Jesus taught in the synagogue. Many people heard him teach and were amazed. These people said, “Where did this man get this teaching? How did he get this wisdom? Who gave it to him? And where did he get the power to do miracles? {Surely, not from God!}

3He is only the carpenter. And his mother is Mary. He is the brother of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon. And his sisters are here with us.” The people did not accept Jesus.

4Jesus said to the people, “Other people give honor to a prophet. But in his own town with his own people and in his own home, a prophet does not get honor.”

5Jesus was not able to do many miracles in that town. The only miracles he did were to heal some sick people by putting his hands on them.

6Jesus was very surprised because those people did not have faith. Then Jesus went to other villages in that area and taught.

Jesus Sends His Apostles on a Mission
(Mt. 10:1, 5–15; Lk. 9:1–6)

7Jesus called the twelve followers together. Jesus sent them out in groups of two. Jesus gave them power over evil spirits.

8This is what Jesus told his followers: “Take nothing for your trip. Take only a stick for walking. Take no bread, no bag, and no money in your pockets.

9Wear shoes, and take only the clothes you are wearing.

10When you enter a house, stay in that house until you leave that town.

11If any town refuses to accept you or refuses to listen to you, then leave that town. Shake their dust off your feet. This will be a warning to them.”

12The followers left there and went to other places. They talked to the people and told them to change their hearts and lives.

13The followers forced many demons out of people. And the followers put olive oil on sick people and healed them.

Herod Thinks Jesus Is John the Baptizer
(Mt. 14:1–12; Lk. 9:7–9)

14King Herod heard about Jesus, because Jesus was now famous. Some people said, “{He (Jesus) is} John the Baptizer. He is risen from death. That is why he can do these miracles.

15Other people said, “He is Elijah.” Other people said, “Jesus is a prophet. He is like the prophets that lived long ago.”

16Herod heard these things about Jesus. He said, “I killed John by cutting off his head. Now John has been raised from death!”

Shake their dust off your feet A warning. It would show that

they were finished talking to these people. demon(s) Demons are evil spirits from the devil. put olive oil on Olive oil was used like a medicine. Herod Herod Antipas, tetrarch (ruler) of Galilee and Perea, son of Herod the Great. miracle(s) Amazing works done by God’s power. Elijah A man that spoke for God about 850 B.C. prophet A person that spoke for God. How John the Baptizer Was Killed

17Herod himself had ordered his soldiers to arrest John. So John was put into prison. Herod did this to please his wife, Herodias. Herodias was the wife of Philip, Herod’s brother. But then Herod married Herodias.

18John told Herod that it was not right for him to be married to his brother’s wife.

19So Herodias hated John. She wanted to kill him. But Herodias was not able to persuade Herod to kill John.

20Herod was afraid to kill John. Herod knew that all the people thought John was a good and holy man. So Herod protected John. Herod enjoyed listening to John preach. But John’s message always bothered Herod.

21Then the right time came for Herodias to cause John’s death. It happened on Herod’s birthday. Herod gave a dinner party for the most important government leaders, the commanders of his army, and the most important people in Galilee.

22The daughter of Herodias came to the party and danced. When she danced, Herod and the people eating with him were very pleased. So King Herod said to the girl, “I will give you anything you want.”

23Herod promised her, “Anything you ask for I will give to you. I will even give you half of my kingdom.”

24The girl went to her mother and asked, “What should I ask King Herod to give me?” Her mother answered, “Ask for the head of John the Baptizer.”

25Quickly the girl went back in to the king. The girl said to the king, “Please give me the head of John the Baptizer. Bring it to me now on a plate.”

26King Herod was very sad. But he had promised to give the girl anything she wanted. And the people eating there with Herod heard his promise. So Herod did not want to refuse the thing she asked for.

27So the king sent a soldier to cut off John’s head and bring it. So the soldier went and cut off John’s head in the prison.

28Then the soldier brought John’s head back on a plate. He gave the head to the girl. Then the girl gave the head to her mother.

29John’s followers heard about what happened. So they came and got John’s body. They put it in a tomb (grave).

Jesus Feeds More than 5,000 People
(Mt. 14:13–21; Lk. 9:10–17; Jn. 6:1–14)

30The apostles {that Jesus sent out} came back to Jesus. They gathered around Jesus and told him about all the things they did and taught.

31Jesus and his followers were in a very busy place. There were many, many people. Jesus and his followers did not even have time to eat. Jesus said to his followers, “Come with me. We will go to a quiet place to be alone. There we will get some rest.”

32So Jesus and his followers went away alone. They went in a boat to a place where there were no people.

33But many people saw them leave. The people knew it was Jesus. So people from all the towns ran to the place where Jesus was going. The people were there before Jesus arrived.

34When Jesus arrived there, he saw many people waiting. Jesus felt sorry for them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd {to care for them}. So Jesus taught the people many things.

35It was now late in the day. So Jesus’ followers came to him. They said, “No people live in this place. And it is already very late.

36So send the people away. They need to go to the farms and towns around here to buy some food to eat.”

37But Jesus answered, “You give them some food to eat.” The followers said to Jesus, “We can’t buy enough bread to feed all these people! We would all have to work a month to earn enough money to buy that much bread!”

38Jesus asked the followers, “How many loaves of bread do you have now? Go and see.” The followers counted their loaves of bread. They came to Jesus and said, “We have five loaves of bread and two fish.”

39Then Jesus said to the followers, “Tell all the people to sit in groups on the green grass.”

40So all the people sat in groups. There were about 50 or 100 people in each group.

41Jesus took the five loaves and two fish. He looked up to the sky and thanked God for the bread. Then Jesus divided the bread and gave it to his followers. Jesus told his followers to give the bread to the people. Then Jesus divided the two fish and gave the fish to the people.

42All the people ate and were full.

43After the people finished eating, the followers filled twelve baskets with the pieces of bread and fish that were not eaten.

44There were about 5,000 men there that ate.

Jesus Walks on the Water
(Mt. 14:22–33; Jn. 6:16–21)

45Then Jesus told the followers to get into the boat. Jesus told them to go to the other side of the lake to Bethsaida. Jesus said that he would come later. Jesus stayed there to tell the people they could go home.

46After Jesus said good–bye to the people, he went into the hills to pray.

47That night, the boat was still in the middle of the lake. Jesus was alone on the land.

48Jesus saw the boat far away on the lake. He saw the followers working hard to row the boat. The wind was blowing against them. Sometime between three and six o’clock in the morning, Jesus went to the boat. Jesus was walking on the water. Jesus continued walking until he was almost past the boat.

49But the followers saw Jesus walking on the water. They thought he was a ghost. The followers shouted with fear.

50All the followers saw Jesus and were very afraid. But Jesus spoke to the followers and said, “Don’t worry! It’s me! Don’t be afraid.”

51Then Jesus got into the boat with the followers. And the wind became calm. The followers were completely amazed.

52They still didn’t understand {his power}. It was like the miracle he did with the bread. They still didn’t understand what that meant.

Jesus Heals Many People
(Mt. 14:34–36)

53Jesus and his followers went across the lake. They came to shore at Gennesaret. They tied the boat there.

54When they were out of the boat, the people saw Jesus. They knew who he was.

55The people ran {to tell other people} everywhere in that area {that Jesus was there}. The people brought sick people on beds to every place Jesus went.

56Jesus went into towns and cities and farms around that area. And every place Jesus went, the people brought sick people to the market places. They begged Jesus to let them touch any part of his coat. And all the people that touched him were healed.

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