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Pos: Adjective

Adjective artless has 4 senses

1.  artless(a = adj.all) ingenuous - characterized by an inability to mask your feelings; not devious; "an ingenuous admission of responsibility"
Derived form noun artlessness1

2.  artless(a = adj.all) - simple and natural; without cunning or deceit; "an artless manner"; "artless elegance"
Derived form noun artlessness2

3.  artless(s = adj.all) - showing lack of art; "an artless translation"

4.  artless(s = adj.all) uncultivated, uncultured - (of persons) lacking art or knowledge;


artless, a.

1.  Wanting art, knowledge, or skill; ignorant; unskillful. [1913 Webster]
"Artless of stars and of the moving sand." [1913 Webster]

2.  Contrived without skill or art; inartistic. [1913 Webster]
"Artless and massy pillars." [1913 Webster]

3.  Free from guile, art, craft, or stratagem; characterized by simplicity and sincerity; sincere; guileless; ingenuous; honest; as, an artless mind; an artless tale. [1913 Webster]
"They were plain, artless men, without the least appearance of enthusiasm or credulity about them." [1913 Webster]
"O, how unlike the complex works of man,
Heaven's easy, artless, unencumbered plan!
" [1913 Webster]

Syn. -- Simple; unaffected; sincere; undesigning; guileless; unsophisticated; open; frank; candid.


artless, adj.
1 guileless, ingenuous.
2 not resulting from or displaying art.
3 clumsy.

artlessly adv.



N  artlessness, nature, simplicity, innocence, bonhomie, naivete, abandon, candor, sincerity, singleness of purpose, singleness of heart, honesty, plain speaking, epanchement, rough diamond, matter of fact man, le palais de verite, enfant terrible, artless, natural, pure, native, confiding, simple, lain, inartificial, untutored, unsophisticated, ingenu, unaffected, naive, sincere, frank, open, open as day, candid, ingenuous, guileless, unsuspicious, honest, innocent, Arcadian, undesigning, straightforward, unreserved, aboveboard, simple-minded, single-minded, frank-hearted, open-hearted, single-hearted, simple-hearted, free-spoken, plain-spoken, outspoken, blunt, downright, direct, matter of fact, unpoetical, unflattering, in plain words, in plain English, without mincing the matter, not to mince the matter, Davus sum non Oedipus, liberavi animam meam, as frank as rain on cherry blossoms.


N  discourtesy, ill breeding, ill manners, bad manners, ungainly manners, insuavity, uncourteousness rusticity, inurbanity, illiberality, incivility displacency, disrespect, procacity, impudence: barbarism, barbarity, misbehavior, brutality, blackguardism, conduct unbecoming a gentleman, grossieret_e, brusquerie, vulgarity, churlishness, spinosity, perversity, moroseness, sternness, austerity, moodishness, captiousness, cynicism, tartness, acrimony, acerbity, virulence, asperity, scowl, black looks, frown, short answer, rebuff, hard words, contumely, unparliamentary language, personality, bear, bruin, brute, blackguard, beast, unlicked cub, frump, crosspatch, saucebox, crooked stick, grizzly, discourteous, uncourteous, uncourtly, ill-bred, ill-mannered, ill-behaved, ill-conditioned, unbred, unmannerly, unmannered, impolite, unpolite, unpolished, uncivilized, ungenteel, ungentleman-like, ungentlemanly, unladylike, blackguard, vulgar, dedecorous, foul- mouthed foul-spoken, abusive, uncivil, ungracious, unceremonious, cool, pert, forward, obtrusive, impudent, rude, saucy, precocious, repulsive, uncomplaisant, unaccommodating, unneighborly, ungallant, inaffable, ungentle, ungainly, rough, rugged, bluff, blunt, gruff, churlish, boorish, bearish, brutal, brusque, stern, harsh, austere, cavalier, taint, sour, crabbed, sharp, short, trenchant, sarcastic, biting, doggish, caustic, virulent, bitter, acrimonious, venomous, contumelious, snarling, surly, surly as a bear, perverse, grim, sullen, peevish, untactful, impolitic, undiplomatic, artless, discourteously, with discourtesy, with a bad grace.