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Found 1 definition: credulity.

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Pos: Noun

Noun credulity has 1 senses

   credulity(n = noun.attribute) - tendency to believe readily;
is a kind of
trust, trustfulness, trustingness
has particulars: overcredulity
Derived forms adjective credulous1, adjective credulous2


credulity, n. [L. credulitas, fr. credulus: cf. F. crédulité. See Credulous.].

   Readiness of belief; a disposition to believe on slight evidence. [1913 Webster]
"That implict credulity is the mark of a feeble mind will not be disputed." [1913 Webster]



N  credulity, credulousness, cullibility, gullibility, gross credulity, infatuation, self delusion, self deception, superstition, one's blind side, bigotry, hyperorthodoxy, misjudgment, credulous person, credulous, gullible, easily deceived, simple, green, soft, childish, silly, stupid, easily convinced, over-credulous, over confident, over trustful, infatuated, superstitious, confiding, the wish the father to the thought, credo quia impossibile, all is not gold that glitters, no es oro todo lo que reluce, omne ignotum pro magnifico.