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Found 1 definition: fourth deck.

fourth deck top


Noun fourth deck has 1 senses

   fourth deck(n = noun.artifact) orlop, orlop deck - the fourth or lowest deck;
is a kind of deck


awning deck, bell deck, boat deck, bridge deck, cargo deck, cassette deck, deck, deck chair, deck of cards, deck out, deck tennis, deck up, flight deck, fourth, fourth class, fourth council of constantinople, fourth cranial nerve, fourth crusade, fourth dimension, fourth earl of chesterfield, fourth earl of orford, fourth estate, fourth lateran council, fourth of july, fourth part, fourth power, fourth stomach, fourth ventricle, freeboard deck, gun deck, hit the deck, hurricane deck, landing deck, lido deck, lower deck, main deck, observation deck, orlop deck, poop deck, promenade deck, second deck, shelter deck, sun deck, tape deck, third deck, turret deck, upper deck, water deck, weather deck