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Pos: Noun

Noun july has 1 senses

   july(n = noun.time) - the month following June and preceding August;
is a kind of
gregorian calendar month
is a part of gregorian calendar, new style calendar
has parts: fourth of july, independence day, july 4, dominion day, july 1, 14 july, bastille day, mid-july


july, n. [L. Julius; -- named from Caius Julius Cæsar, who was born in this month: cf. F. Juillet.].

   The seventh month of the year, containing thirty-one days. [1913 Webster]
" This month was called Quintilis, or the fifth month, according to the old Roman calendar, in which March was the first month of the year." [1913 Webster]


july, n. (pl. Julys) the seventh month of the year.

ME f. AF julie f. L Julius (mensis month), named after Julius Caesar


14 july, fourth of july, july 1, july 4