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Noun monad has 3 senses

1.  monad(n = noun.substance) - (chemistry) an atom having a valence of one;
is a kind of

2.  monad(n = noun.quantity) monas - a singular metaphysical entity from which material properties are said to derive;
is a kind of 1, ace, i, one, single, unity

3.  monad(n = noun.animal) - (biology) a single-celled microorganism (especially a flagellate protozoan);
is a kind of
micro-organism, microorganism


monad, n. [L. monas, -adis, a unit, Gr. , , fr. mo`nos alone.].

1.  An ultimate atom, or simple, unextended point; something ultimate and indivisible. [1913 Webster]

2.  The elementary and indestructible units which were conceived of as endowed with the power to produce all the changes they undergo, and thus determine all physical and spiritual phenomena. [1913 Webster]

3.  One of the smallest flagellate Infusoria; esp., the species of the genus Monas, and allied genera. [1913 Webster]

4.  A simple, minute organism; a primary cell, germ, or plastid. [1913 Webster]

5.  An atom or radical whose valence is one, or which can combine with, be replaced by, or exchanged for, one atom of hydrogen. [1913 Webster]

Monad deme (Biol.), in tectology, a unit of the first order of individuality.


monad, n.
1 the number one; a unit.
2 Philos. any ultimate unit of being (e.g. a soul, an atom, a person, God).
3 Biol. a simple organism, e.g. one assumed as the first in the genealogy of living beings.

monadic adj. monadism n. (in sense 2).

F monade or LL monas monad- f. Gk monas -ados unit f. monos alone



N  littleness, smallness, exiguity, inextension, parvitude, parvity, duodecimo, Elzevir edition, epitome, microcosm, rudiment, vanishing point, thinness, dwarf, pygmy, pigmy, Liliputian, chit, pigwidgeon, urchin, elf, atomy, dandiprat, doll, puppet, Tom Thumb, Hop-o'-my-thumb, manikin, mannikin, homunculus, dapperling, cock-sparrow, animalcule, monad, mite, insect, emmet, fly, midge, gnat, shrimp, minnow, worm, maggot, entozoon, bacteria, infusoria, microzoa, phytozoaria, microbe, grub, tit, tomtit, runt, mouse, small fry, millet seed, mustard seed, barleycorn, pebble, grain of sand, molehill, button, bubble, point, atom, fragment, powder, point of a pin, mathematical point, minutiae, micrometer, vernier, scale, microphotography, photomicrography, micrography, photomicrograph, microphotograph, microscopy, microscope (optical instruments), little, small, minute, diminutive, microscopic, microzoal, inconsiderable, exiguous, puny, tiny, wee, petty, minikin, miniature, pygmy, pigmy, elfin, undersized, dwarf, dwarfed, dwarfish, spare, stunted, limited, cramp, cramped, pollard, Liliputian, dapper, pocket, portative, portable, duodecimo, dumpy, squat, short, impalpable, intangible, evanescent, imperceptible, invisible, inappreciable, insignificant, inconsiderable, trivial, infinitesimal, homoeopathic, atomic, subatomic, corpuscular, molecular, rudimentary, rudimental, embryonic, vestigial, weazen, scant, scraggy, scrubby, thin, granular, shrunk, brevipennate, in a small compass, in a nutshell, on a small scale, minutely, microscopically.