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Found 1 definition: naturalness.

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Noun naturalness has 3 senses

1.  naturalness(n = noun.attribute) - the quality of being natural or based on natural principles; "he accepted the naturalness of death"; "the spontaneous naturalness of his manner"
is a kind of
has particulars: unaffectedness, simmpleness, simplicity, sincerity, unassumingness, spontaneity, spontaneousness, ease, informality, unpretentiousness, naturalisation, naturalization
Antonym: unnaturalness
Derived forms adjective natural10, adjective natural3

2.  naturalness(n = noun.attribute) artlessness, ingenuousness, innocence - the quality of innocent naivete;
is a kind of naiveness, naivete, naivety
has particulars: innocency

3.  naturalness(n = noun.attribute) - the likeness of a representation to the thing represented; "engineers strove to increase the naturalness of recorded music"
is a kind of
alikeness, likeness, similitude
Derived form adjective natural2


naturalness, n.

   The state or quality of being natural; conformity to nature. [1913 Webster]



N  normality, normalcy, normalness, familiarity, naturalness, commonness (frequency), rule, standard (conformity), customary (habit), standard, pattern (prototype), normal, natural, unexceptional, common, usual (frequency).