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Pos: Noun

Noun november has 1 senses

   november(n = noun.time) nov - the month following October and preceding December;
is a kind of gregorian calendar month
is a part of gregorian calendar, new style calendar
has parts: november 5, 11 november, martinmas, st martin's day, all saints' day, allhallows, hallowmas, hallowmass, november 1, all souls' day, november 2, armistice day, november 11, veterans' day, veterans day, thanksgiving, thanksgiving day, mid-november


november, n. [L. November, or Novembris (sc. mensis), the ninth month of the old Roman year, which began with March, fr. novem nine: cf. F. Novembre. See Nine.].

   The eleventh month of the year, containing thirty days. [1913 Webster]


november, n. the eleventh month of the year.

ME f. OF novembre f. L November f. novem nine (orig. the ninth month of the Roman year)


11 november, 17 november, november 1, november 11, november 2, november 5, revolutionary organization 17 november