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Found 1 definition: period of time.

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Noun period of time has 1 senses

   period of time(n = noun.time) period, time period - an amount of time; "a time period of 30 years"; "hastened the period of time of his recovery"; "Picasso's blue period"
is a kind of fundamental measure, fundamental quantity
has particulars: test period, trial period, time frame, hours, downtime, uptime, work time, time off, bout, hospitalization, travel time, times, time, elapsed time, continuance, duration, calendar week, week, midweek, field day, life, life-time, lifespan, lifetime, life, life, millenary, millennium, bimillenary, bimillennium, occupation, past, shelf life, puerperium, lactation, time of life, calendar day, civil day, festival, day, daylight, daytime, forenoon, morn, morning, morning time, dark, night, nighttime, night, night, night, eve, evening, hebdomad, week, fortnight, two weeks, weekend, indian summer, saint martin's summer, year, school, school day, schooltime, twelvemonth, year, yr, year, semester, bimester, olympiad, lustrum, decade, decennary, decennium, century, quadrennium, quinquennium, half-century, quarter-century, quarter, phase of the moon, day, calendar month, month, mid-january, mid-february, mid-march, mid-april, mid-may, mid-june, mid-july, mid-august, mid-september, mid-october, mid-november, mid-december, time limit, term, trimester, hour, silly season, golden age, silver age, bronze age, iron age, great year, platonic year, regulation time, extra time, overtime, season, time of year, canicular days, canicule, dog days, midwinter, season, season, age, long time, years, long haul, long run, drought, drouth, epoch, era, generation, prehistoric culture, prehistory, reign, run, early days, youth, dawn, evening, time, nap, sleep, lease, term of a contract, half-life, half life, lunar time period, tide, phase, stage, multistage, watch, peacetime, wartime, duty tour, enlistment, hitch, term of enlistment, tour, tour of duty, honeymoon, indiction, prohibition, prohibition era, incubation period, rainy day, noviciate, novitiate, bloom, blossom, efflorescence, flower, flush, heyday, peak, prime, running time, clotting time, air alert, question time, real time, real time, study hall, usance, window, bronze age, iron age, stone age, eolithic, eolithic age, palaeolithic, paleolithic, paleolithic age, lower paleolithic, middle paleolithic, upper paleolithic, epipaleolithic, mesolithic, mesolithic age, neolithic, neolithic age, new stone age, great schism


access time, against time, ahead of its time, ahead of time, alabama period, alaska standard time, all the time, arrival time, at a time, at one time, at the same time, atlantic standard time, atlantic time, behind time, benting time, bering standard time, bering time, big time, big time operator, biological time, breakfast time, breathing time, buy time, cambrian period, carboniferous period, catskill period, central standard time, central time, champlain period, checkout time, chemung period, civil time, class period, clock time, closing time, clotting time, command processing overhead time, common time, compensatory time, coordinated universal time, cosmic time, cretaceous period, daylight-saving time, daylight-savings time, departure time, devonian period, do time, double time, duple time, duty period, earth-received time, eastern standard time, eastern time, elapsed time, ephemeris time, extended time scale, extra time, face time, fast time scale, father time, fertile period, final period, first period, flex time, for the first time, for the time being, four-four time, free time, from time to time, full time, geologic time, geological period, geological time, gestation period, glacial period, good time, greenwich mean time, greenwich time, hadean time, half time, hamilton period, hard time, harvest time, have a good time, hawaii standard time, hawaii time, haying time, high time, historic period, historical period, in due time, in good time, in no time, in real time, in the nick of time, in time, incubation period, jurassic period, just in time, kill time, latency period, latent period, lead time, leisure time, light time, local time, long time, lower carboniferous period, lunar time period, lunch period, mark time, mean solar time, mean time, missippian period, morning time, mountain standard time, mountain time, musical time, musical time signature, neonatal period, niagara period, of all time, on time, one at a time, one time, one-way light time, orbit period, ordovician period, overtime period, pacific standard time, pacific time, part time, pennsylvanian period, period, period of play, period piece, period style, permian period, playing period, point in time, precambrian period, prime time, processing time, quadruple time, quaternary period, question time, quick time, ravages of time, reaction time, real time, reconstruction period, refractory period, regulation time, relaxation time, residence time, response time, rest period, round-trip light time, running time, safe period, salina period, second period, seek time, serve time, show time, sidereal time, silurian period, since a long time ago, slow time, slow time scale, small time, space time, spacecraft clock time, spacecraft event time, spare time, standard time, starting time, take time, take time by the forelock, take time off, terrestrial dynamical time, terrestrial time, tertiary period, test period, third period, time, time and a half, time and again, time and motion study, time and time again, time being, time bill, time bomb, time capsule, time clock, time constant, time deposit, time deposit account, time draft, time exposure, time frame, time immemorial, time interval, time lag, time limit, time loan, time machine, time note, time of arrival, time of day, time of departure, time of life, time of origin, time of year, time off, time out, time out of mind, time period, time plan, time policy, time saving, time scale, time series, time sharing, time sheet, time signal, time signature, time slot, time study, time to come, time unit, time value, time zone, track-to-track seek time, transmission time, travel time, trenton period, trial period, triassic period, triple time, turnaround time, twenty-four hour period, two time, unit of time, universal time, upper carboniferous period, waste of time, waste one's time, waste time, when the time comes, while away the time, work time, yukon time