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Found 1 definition: philosophical doctrine.

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Noun philosophical doctrine has 1 senses

   philosophical doctrine(n = noun.cognition) philosophical theory - a doctrine accepted by adherents to a philosophy;
is a kind of doctrine, ism, philosophical system, philosophy, school of thought
has particulars: aesthetic, esthetic, aristotelianism, peripateticism, conceptualism, confucianism, deconstruction, deconstructionism, empiricism, empiricist philosophy, sensationalism, environmentalism, existential philosophy, existentialism, existentialist philosophy, determinism, formalism, hereditarianism, idealism, intuitionism, logicism, materialism, physicalism, mechanism, mentalism, nativism, naturalism, neoplatonism, nominalism, operationalism, platonism, realism, pragmatism, probabilism, rationalism, naive realism, realism, relativism, scholasticism, semiology, semiotics, sensationalism, sensualism, solipsism, stoicism, subjectivism, daoism, taoism, teleology, traditionalism, vitalism


baptistic doctrine, cell doctrine, church doctrine, cy pres doctrine, doctrine, doctrine of analogy, judicial doctrine, monroe doctrine, philosophical, philosophical system, philosophical theory, religious doctrine, theological doctrine, truman doctrine