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Found 1 definition: primitive person.

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Noun primitive person has 1 senses

   primitive person(n = noun.person) primitive - a person who belongs to an early stage of civilization;
is a kind of individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul
has particulars: aryan, indo-european, autochthon, basket maker, cave dweller, cave man, caveman, troglodyte, heidelberg man, homo heidelbergensis, ape-man, missing link, mound builder, piltdown hoax, piltdown man, barbarian, savage, feral man, wild man


abandoned person, aliterate person, bad person, bereaved person, bisexual person, black person, blind person, clumsy person, color-blind person, colored person, common person, crabby person, creative person, dead person, deaf person, deaf-and-dumb person, deceased person, disagreeable person, diseased person, displaced person, disreputable person, eccentric person, emotional person, english person, enlisted person, epicine person, famous person, fat person, female person, first person, for each person, forgetful person, french person, good person, handicapped person, heterosexual person, holy person, homeless person, hunted person, illiterate person, important person, in person, incompetent person, inexperienced person, influential person, insured person, irish person, juvenile person, large person, learned person, literate person, male person, married person, nonreligious person, nude person, of each person, old person, oriental person, person, person agreement, person hour, person of color, person of colour, plastic person, poor person, primitive, primitive art, professional person, psychotic person, public relations person, religious person, retired person, rich person, scholarly person, second person, self-employed person, selfish person, shy person, sick person, silent person, sleepless person, slovenly person, small person, stateless person, straight person, street person, stupid person, thin person, third person, uneducated person, unemotional person, unemployed person, unfortunate person, ungrateful person, unkind person, unpleasant person, unskilled person, unsuccessful person, unusual person, unwelcome person, very important person, visually impaired person, wealthy person, white person, working person, young person