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Found 1 definition: public holiday.

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Noun public holiday has 1 senses

   public holiday(n = noun.time) legal holiday, national holiday - authorized by law and limiting work or official business;
is a kind of holiday
has particulars: january 1, new year's, new year's day, martin luther king day, martin luther king jr's birthday, presidents' day, decoration day, memorial day, fourth of july, independence day, july 4, labor day, columbus day, discovery day, october 12, christmas, christmas day, dec 25, xmas, boxing day, bank holiday, commonwealth day, empire day, may 24, dominion day, july 1, 14 july, bastille day, armistice day, november 11, veterans' day, veterans day, thanksgiving, thanksgiving day, victoria day


bank holiday, blindman's holiday, busman's holiday, certified public accountant, doctor of public health, general public, high holiday, holiday, holiday resort, holiday season, in public, in the public eye, initial public offering, legal holiday, master in public affairs, national holiday, notary public, package holiday, public, public address system, public assistance, public charity, public convenience, public debate, public debt, public defender, public discussion, public domain, public easement, public enemy, public executioner, public exposure, public eye, public figure, public house, public housing, public image, public knowledge, public lavatory, public law, public lecture, public library, public mover, public nudity, public nuisance, public office, public opinion, public opinion poll, public presentation, public press, public property, public prosecutor, public relations, public relations man, public relations person, public school, public security, public servant, public service, public speaker, public speaking, public square, public toilet, public transit, public transport, public treasury, public trough, public trust, public utility, public utility company, public violence, public works, religious holiday, right to speedy and public trial by jury, united states public health service