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Pos: Noun, Verb (transitive), Adjective

Noun single has 2 senses

1.  single(n = noun.act) bingle - a base hit on which the batter stops safely at first base;
is a kind of base hit, safety
has particulars: line-drive single, line single
Derived form verb single1

2.  single(n = noun.quantity) 1, ace, i, one, unity - the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number; "he has the one but will need a two and three to go with it"; "they had lunch at one"
is a kind of digit, figure
has particulars: monad, monas, singleton

Verb single has 1 senses

   single(v = verb.contact) - hit a single; "the batter singled to left field"
is one way to
Derived form noun single1
Sample sentences: Somebody ----s

Adjective single has 7 senses

1.  single(a = adj.all) individual - being or characteristic of a single thing or person; "individual drops of rain"; "please mark the individual pages"; "they went their individual ways"

2.  single(a = adj.all) - used of flowers having usually only one row or whorl of petals; "single chrysanthemums resemble daisies and may have more than one row of petals"

3.  single(a = adj.all) - existing alone or consisting of one entity or part or aspect or individual; "upon the hill stood a single tower"; "had but a single thought which was to escape"; "a single survivor"; "a single serving"; "a single lens"; "a single thickness"

4.  single(a = adj.all) unmarried - not married or related to the unmarried state; "unmarried men and women"; "unmarried life"; "sex and the single girl"; "single parenthood"; "are you married or single?"

5.  single(s = adj.all) individual - characteristic of or meant for a single person or thing; "an individual serving"; "single occupancy"; "a single bed"

6.  single(s = adj.all) - having uniform application; "a single legal code for all"

7.  single(s = adj.all) exclusive, undivided - not divided among or brought to bear on more than one object or objective; "judging a contest with a single eye"; "a single devotion to duty"; "undivided affection"; "gained their exclusive attention"
Derived form noun singleness2


single, a. [L. singulus, a dim. from the root in simplex simple; cf. OE. & OF. sengle, fr. L. singulus. See Simple, and cf. Singular.].

1.  One only, as distinguished from more than one; consisting of one alone; individual; separate; as, a single star. [1913 Webster]
"No single man is born with a right of controlling the opinions of all the rest." [1913 Webster]

2.  Alone; having no companion. [1913 Webster]
"Who single hast maintained,
Against revolted multitudes, the cause
Of truth.
" [1913 Webster]

3.  Hence, unmarried; as, a single man or woman. [1913 Webster]
"Grows, lives, and dies in single blessedness." [1913 Webster]
"Single chose to live, and shunned to wed." [1913 Webster]

4.  Not doubled, twisted together, or combined with others; as, a single thread; a single strand of a rope. [1913 Webster]

5.  Performed by one person, or one on each side; as, a single combat. [1913 Webster]
"These shifts refuted, answer thy appellant, . . .
Who now defles thee thrice ti single fight.
" [1913 Webster]

6.  Uncompounded; pure; unmixed. [1913 Webster]
"Simple ideas are opposed to complex, and single to compound." [1913 Webster]

7.  Not deceitful or artful; honest; sincere. [1913 Webster]
"I speak it with a single heart." [1913 Webster]

8.  Simple; not wise; weak; silly. [1913 Webster]
"He utters such single matter in so infantly a voice." [1913 Webster]

Single ale, Single beer, or Single drink, small ale, etc., as contrasted with double ale, etc., which is stronger. [Obs.] Nares. -- Single bill (Law), a written engagement, generally under seal, for the payment of money, without a penalty. Burril. -- Single court (Lawn Tennis), a court laid out for only two players. -- Single-cut file. See the Note under 4th File. -- Single entry. See under Bookkeeping. -- Single file. See under 1st File. -- Single flower (Bot.), a flower with but one set of petals, as a wild rose. -- Single knot. See Illust. under Knot. -- Single whip (Naut.), a single rope running through a fixed block.

single, v. t.

1.  To select, as an individual person or thing, from among a number; to choose out from others; to separate. [1913 Webster]
"Dogs who hereby can single out their master in the dark." [1913 Webster]
"His blood! she faintly screamed her mind
Still singling one from all mankind.
" [1913 Webster]

2.  To sequester; to withdraw; to retire. [1913 Webster]
"An agent singling itself from consorts." [1913 Webster]

3.  To take alone, or one by one. [1913 Webster]
"Men . . . commendable when they are singled." [1913 Webster]

single, v. i.

   To take the irrregular gait called single-foot; -- said of a horse. See Single-foot. [1913 Webster]
"Many very fleet horses, when overdriven, adopt a disagreeable gait, which seems to be a cross between a pace and a trot, in which the two legs of one side are raised almost but not quite, simultaneously. Such horses are said to single, or to be single-footed." [1913 Webster]

single, n.

1.  A unit; one; as, to score a single. [1913 Webster]

2.  The reeled filaments of silk, twisted without doubling to give them firmness. [1913 Webster]

3.  A handful of gleaned grain. [1913 Webster]

4.  A game with but one player on each side; -- usually in the plural. [1913 Webster]

5.  A hit by a batter which enables him to reach first base only. [1913 Webster]


single, adj., n., & v.
1 one only, not double or multiple.
2 united or undivided.
3 a designed or suitable for one person (single room). b used or done by one person etc. or one set or pair.
4 one by itself; not one of several (a single tree).
5 regarded separately (every single thing).
6 not married.
7 Brit. (of a ticket) valid for an outward journey only, not for the return.
8 (with neg. or interrog.) even one; not to speak of more (did not see a single person).
9 (of a flower) having only one circle of petals.
10 lonely, unaided.
11 archaic free from duplicity, sincere, consistent, guileless, ingenuous.
1 a single thing, or item in a series.
2 Brit. a single ticket.
3 a short pop record with one piece of music etc. on each side.
4 Cricket a hit for one run.
5 (usu. in pl.) a game with one player on each side.
6 an unmarried person (young singles).
7 sl. US a one-dollar note.
--v.tr. (foll. by out) choose as an example or as distinguishable or to serve some purpose.

single acrostic see ACROSTIC. single-acting (of an engine etc.) having pressure applied only to one side of the piston. single-breasted (of a coat etc.) having only one set of buttons and buttonholes, not overlapping. single combat a duel. single cream thin cream with a relatively low fat-content. single cut (of a file) with grooves cut in one direction only, not crossing. single-decker esp. Brit. a bus having only one deck. single entry a system of bookkeeping in which each transaction is entered in one account only. single file a line of people or things arranged one behind another. single-handed adv.
1 without help from another.
2 with one hand.
1 done etc. single-handed.
2 for one hand. single-handedly in a single-handed way. single-lens reflex denoting a reflex camera in which a single lens serves the film and the viewfinder. single-line with movement of traffic in only one direction at a time. single parent a person bringing up a child or children without a partner. singles bar a bar for single people seeking company. single-seater a vehicle with one seat. single stick 1 a basket-hilted stick of about a sword's length.
2 one-handed fencing with this. single-tree US = SWINGLETREE.

singleness n. singly adv.

ME f. OF f. L singulus, rel. to simplus SIMPLE



N  simpleness, purity, homogeneity, elimination, sifting, purification, simple, uniform, of a piece, homogeneous, single, pure, sheer, neat, unmixed, unmingled, unblended, uncombined, uncompounded, elementary, undecomposed, unadulterated, unsophisticated, unalloyed, untinged, unfortified, pur et simple, incomplex, free from, exempt from, exclusive, simple, only.


N  unity, oneness, individuality, solitude, isolation, unification, one, unit, ace, individual, none else, no other, one, sole, single, solitary, unitary, individual, apart, alone, kithless, unaccompanied, unattended, solus, single-handed, singular, odd, unique, unrepeated, azygous, first and last, isolated, insular, monospermous, unific, uniflorous, unifoliate, unigenital, uniliteral, unijocular, unimodal, unimodular, lone, lonely, lonesome, desolate, dreary, insecable, inseverable, indiscerptible, compact, indivisible, atomic, irresolvable, singly, alone, by itself, per se, only, apart, in the singular number, in the abstract, one by one, one at a time, simply, one and a half, sesqui-, natura il fece, e poi roppe la stampa, du fort au faible, two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.


N  money, legal tender, money matters, money market, finance, accounts, funds, treasure, capital, stock, assets, wealth, supplies, ways and means, wherewithal, sinews of war, almighty dollar, needful, cash, mammon, dough, cabbage, money-like instruments, M, M, sum, amount, balance, balance sheet, sum total, proceeds, currency, circulating medium, specie, coin, piece, hard cash, cold cash, dollar, sterling coin, pounds shillings and pence, Ls, d, pocket, breeches pocket, purse, money in hand, cash at hand, ready money, ready cash, slug, wad wad of bills, wad of money, thick wad of bills, roll of dough, rhino, blunt, dust, mopus, tin, salt, chink, argent comptant, bottom dollar, buzzard dollar, checks, dibs, double eagle, eagle, Federal currency, fractional currency, postal currency, Federal Reserve Note, United States Note, silver certificate, gold certificate, long bit, short bit, moss, nickel, pile, pin money, quarter, red cent, roanoke, rock, seawan, seawant, thousand dollars, grand, single, one-dollar bill, two- dollar bill, five-dollar bill, fiver, fin, Lincoln, ten-dollar bill, sawbuck, twenty-dollar bill, Jackson, double sawbuck, fifty-dollar bill, hundred-dollar bill, C-note, penny, cent, Lincoln cent, indian head penny, copper, two-cent piece three-cent piece, half- dime, nickel, buffalo nickel, V nickel, dime, disme, mercury dime, quarter, two bits, half dollar, dollar, silver dollar, Eisenhower dollar, Susan B, Anthony dollar, precious metals, gold, silver, copper, bullion, ingot, nugget, petty cash, pocket money, change, small change, small coin, doit, stiver, rap, mite, farthing, sou, penny, shilling, tester, groat, guinea, rouleau, wampum, good sum, round sum, lump sum, power of money, plum, lac of rupees, major coin, crown, minor coin, monetarist, monetary theory, numismatics, chrysology, numismatist, paper money, greenback, major denomination, minor denomination, money order, postal money order, Post Office order, bank note, bond, bill, bill of exchange, order, warrant, coupon, debenture, exchequer bill, assignat, blueback, hundi, shinplaster, note, note of hand, promissory note, I O U, draft, check, cheque, back-dated check, negotiable order of withdrawal, NOW, remittance, credit, liability, drawer, drawee, obligor, obligee, moneyer, coiner, false money, bad money, base coin, flash note, slip, kite, fancy stocks, Bank of Elegance, argumentum ad crumenam, letter of credit, circulation, multiplier effect, inflation, double-digit inflation, hyperinflation, erosion of the currency, debasement of the currency, deflation, stagflation, exchange rate, rate of exchange, floating exchange rates, fixed rates, currency counter, currency exchange, bureau de change, gold-backed currency, gold standard, silver standard, bank account, savings account, checking account, money market account, NOW account, time deposit, deposit, demand deposit, super NOW account, certificate of deposit, CD, $, US$, Y, A$, Federal Reserve Bank, central bank, Federal Reserve Board, board of governors of the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, Secret Service, mint, bureau of engraving, seigniorage, counterfeit, funny money, bogus money, (falsehood), interest, interest rate, discount rate, monetary, pecuniary, crumenal, fiscal, financial, sumptuary, numismatic, numismatical, sterling, nummary, barbarus ipse placet dummodo sit dives, but the jingling of the guinea helps the hurt that, Gelt regiert die Welt, money rules the world, money makes the world go round, nervos belli pecuniam infinitam, redet Geld so schweigt die Welt, money is the mother's milk of politics, money is the root of all evil, money isn't everything, as phony as a three-dollar bill, don't take any wooden nickels.


N  exclusion, nonadmission, omission, exception, rejection, repudiation, exile, noninclusion, preclusion, prohibition, separation, segregation, seposition, elimination, expulsion, cofferdam, excluding, exclusive, excluded, unrecounted, not included in, inadmissible, exclusive of, barring, except, with the exception of, save, bating, exclusion, seclusion, exclusion, seclusion, privacy, retirement, reclusion, recess, snugness, delitescence, rustication, rus in urbe, solitude, solitariness, isolation, loneliness, estrangement from the world, voluntary exile, aloofness, cell, hermitage, convent, sanctum sanctorum, depopulation, desertion, desolation, wilderness, howling wilderness, rotten borough, Old Sarum, exclusion, excommunication, banishment, exile, ostracism, proscription, cut, cut direct, dead cut, inhospitality, inhospitableness, dissociability, domesticity, Darby and Joan, recluse, hermit, eremite, cenobite, anchoret, anchorite, Simon Stylites, troglodyte, Timon of Athens, Santon, solitaire, ruralist, disciple of Zimmermann, closet cynic, Diogenes, outcast, Pariah, castaway, pilgarlic, wastrel, foundling, wilding, secluded, sequestered, retired, delitescent, private, bye, out of the world, out of the way, the world forgetting by the world forgot, snug, domestic, stay-at-home, unsociable, unsocial, dissocial, inhospitable, cynical, inconversable, unclubbable, sauvage, troglodytic, solitary, lonely, lonesome, isolated, single, estranged, unfrequented, uninhabitable, uninhabited, tenantless, abandoned, deserted, deserted in one's utmost need, unfriended, kithless, friendless, homeless, lorn, forlorn, desolate, unvisited, unintroduced, uninvited, unwelcome, under a cloud, left to shift for oneself, derelict, outcast, banished, noli me tangere, among them but not of them, and homeless near a thousand homes I stood, far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife, makes a solitude and calls it peace, magna civitas magna solitudo, never less alone than when alone, O sacred solitude! divine retreat!.


N  celibacy, singleness, single blessedness, bachelorhood, bachelorship, misogamy, misogyny, virginity, pucelage, maidenhood, maidenhead, unmarried man, bachelor, Coelebs, agamist, old bachelor, misogamist, misogynist, monogamist, monk, unmarried woman, spinster, maid, maiden, virgin, feme sole, old maid, bachelor girl, girl-bachelor, nun, unmarried, unwed, unwedded, wifeless, spouseless, single.


line single, line-drive single, single bed, single combat, single cream, single crochet, single dwelling, single entry, single file, single handed, single minded, single out, single prop, single quote, single shell, single stitch, single supplement, single tax