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Found 1 definition: unmarried.

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Pos: Adjective

Adjective unmarried has 1 senses

   unmarried(a = adj.all) single - not married or related to the unmarried state; "unmarried men and women"; "unmarried life"; "sex and the single girl"; "single parenthood"; "are you married or single?"
Antonym: married


unmarried, adj. not married; single.



N  celibacy, singleness, single blessedness, bachelorhood, bachelorship, misogamy, misogyny, virginity, pucelage, maidenhood, maidenhead, unmarried man, bachelor, Coelebs, agamist, old bachelor, misogamist, misogynist, monogamist, monk, unmarried woman, spinster, maid, maiden, virgin, feme sole, old maid, bachelor girl, girl-bachelor, nun, unmarried, unwed, unwedded, wifeless, spouseless, single.


unmarried man, unmarried woman