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1By David. Thank the LORD, my rock, who trained my hands to fight and my fingers to do battle,

2my merciful one, my fortress, my stronghold, and my savior, my shield, the one in whom I take refuge, and the one who brings people under my authority.

3O LORD, what are humans that you should care about them? What are mere mortals that you should think about them?

4Humans are like a breath of air. Their life span is like a fleeting shadow.

5O LORD, bend your heaven low, and come down. Touch the mountains, and they will smoke.

6Hurl bolts of lightning, and scatter them. Shoot your arrows, and throw them into confusion.

7Stretch out your hands from above. Snatch me, and rescue me from raging waters and from foreigners’ hands.

8Their mouths speak lies. Their right hands take false pledges.

9O God, I will sing a new song to you. I will sing a psalm to you on a ten–stringed harp.

10You are the one who gives victory to kings. You are the one who snatches your servant David away from a deadly sword.

11Snatch me, and rescue me from foreigners’ hands. Their mouths speak lies. Their right hands take false pledges.

12May our sons be like full–grown, young plants. May our daughters be like stately columns that adorn the corners of a palace.

13May our barns be filled with all kinds of crops. May our sheep give birth to thousands of lambs, tens of thousands in our fields.

14May our cattle have many calves. May no one break in, and may no one be dragged out. May there be no cries of distress in our streets.

15Blessed are the people who have these blessings! Blessed are the people whose God is the LORD!

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