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Hasil 1-20 / 2044 ayat untuk hebrew:larvy. (Lihat Kamus Bahasa)
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Numbers 8:19
I have given the Levites as a gift to Aaron and his sons from among the Israelites, to do the work for the Israelites in the tent of meeting, and to make atonement for the Israelites, so there will be no plague among the Israelites when the Israelites come near the sanctuary.”

1 Samuel 7:7
When the Philistines heard that the Israelites had gathered at Mizpah, the leaders of the Philistines went up against Israel. When the Israelites heard about this, they were afraid of the Philistines.

Numbers 20:21
So Edom refused to give Israel passage through his border; therefore Israel turned away from him.

Deuteronomy 23:17
There must never be a sacred prostitute among the young women of Israel nor a sacred male prostitute among the young men of Israel.

Joshua 22:12
When the Israelites heard this, the entire Israelite community assembled at Shiloh to launch an attack against them.

Judges 6:6
Israel was so severely weakened by Midian that the Israelites cried out to the Lord for help.

Judges 11:23
Since the Lord God of Israel has driven out the Amorites before his people Israel, do you think you can just take it from them?

Judges 12:11
After him Elon the Zebulunite led Israel for ten years.

1 Kings 6:13
I will live among the Israelites and will not abandon my people Israel.”

1 Kings 14:16
He will hand Israel over to their enemies because of the sins which Jeroboam committed and which he made Israel commit.”

1 Chronicles 21:1
An adversary opposed Israel, inciting David to count how many warriors Israel had.

Ezekiel 36:8
“‘But you, mountains of Israel, will grow your branches, and bear your fruit for my people Israel; for they will arrive soon.

Hosea 6:10
I have seen a disgusting thing in the temple of Israel: there Ephraim practices temple prostitution and Judah defiles itself.

Genesis 49:16
Dan will judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel.

Exodus 1:13
and they made the Israelites serve rigorously.

Exodus 12:47
The whole community of Israel must observe it.

Exodus 17:8
Amalek came and attacked Israel in Rephidim.

Exodus 29:43
There I will meet with the Israelites, and it will be set apart as holy by my glory.

Numbers 9:2
“The Israelites are to observe the Passover at its appointed time.

Numbers 10:28
These were the traveling arrangements of the Israelites according to their companies when they traveled.

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