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1This too makes my heart beat wildly and start from its place.

2Just listen to the thunder of God's voice, the rumbling of his utterance!

3Under the vault of heaven he lets it roll, and his lightning flashes to the ends of the earth.

4There follows a sound, a roaring as he thunders with majestic voice.

5At God's command wonderful things come to pass; great deeds beyond our knowledge are done by him.

6For he says to the snow, “Fall over the earth”; to the rainstorms he says, “Be violent,” and at his voice the rains pour down unchecked.

7He shuts everyone fast indoors, and all whom he has made are quiet;

8beasts withdraw into their lairs and take cover in their dens.

9The hurricane bursts from its prison, and the rain-winds bring bitter cold.

10By the breath of God the ice is formed, and the wide waters are frozen hard.

11He hurls lightning from the dense clouds, and the clouds spread his light,

12as they travel round in their courses, directed by his guiding hand to do his bidding all over the habitable world;

13whether for punishment or for love he brings them forth.

14Listen, Job, to this argument; stop and consider God's wonderful works.

15Do you know how God assigns them their tasks, how he sends light flashing from his clouds?

16Do you know how the clouds hang poised overhead, a wonderful work of his consummate skill?

17Sweltering there in your stifling clothes, when the earth lies sultry under the south wind,

18can you as he does beat out the vault of the skies, hard as a mirror of cast metal?

19Teach us then what to say to him; for all is dark, and we cannot marshal our thoughts.

20Can anyone dictate to God when he is to speak, or command him to make proclamation?

21At one moment the light is not seen, being overcast with cloud; then the wind passes by and clears it away,

22and a golden glow comes from the north.

23But the Almighty we cannot find; his power is beyond our ken, yet in his great righteousness he does not pervert justice.

24Therefore mortals pay him reverence, and all who are wise fear him.

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