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1A shiggaion: for David (which he sang to the LORD because of Cush, a Benjamite) LORD my God, in you I find refuge; rescue me from all my pursuers and save me

2before they tear at my throat like a lion and drag me off beyond hope of rescue.

3LORD my God, if I have done any of these things -- if I have stained my hands with guilt,

4if I have repaid a friend evil for good or wantonly despoiled an adversary --

5let an enemy come in pursuit and overtake me, let him trample my life to the ground and lay my honour in the dust! [Selah]

6Arise, LORD, in your anger, rouse yourself in wrath against my adversaries. My God who ordered justice to be done, awake.

7Let the peoples assemble around you; take your seat on high above them.

8The LORD passes sentence on the nations. Uphold my cause, LORD, as my righteousness deserves, for I am clearly innocent.

9Let the wicked do no more harm, but grant support to the righteous, you searcher of heart and mind, you righteous God.

10I rely on God to shield me; he saves the honest of heart.

11God is a just judge, constant in his righteous anger.

12The enemy sharpens his sword again, strings his bow and makes it ready.

13It is against himself he has prepared his deadly shafts and tipped his arrows with fire.

14He is in labour with iniquity; he has conceived mischief and given birth to lies.

15He has made a pit and dug it deep, but he himself will fall into the hole he was making.

16His mischief will recoil upon him, and his violence fall on his own head.

17I shall praise the LORD for his righteousness and sing to the name of the LORD Most High.

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