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The Lord's judgement

1BEWARE, the LORD is about to strip the earth, split it and turn it upside down, and scatter its inhabitants!

2There will be the same fate for priest and people, for master and slave, mistress and maid, seller and buyer, borrower and lender, creditor and debtor.

3The earth is empty and void and stripped bare. For this is the word that the LORD has spoken.

4The earth dries up and withers, the whole world wilts and withers, the heights of the earth wilt.

5The earth itself is desecrated by those who live on it, for they have broken laws, disobeyed statutes, and violated the everlasting covenant.

6That is why a curse consumes the earth and its inhabitants suffer punishment, why the inhabitants of the earth dwindle and only a few are left.

7The new wine fails, the vines wilt, and the revellers all groan in sorrow.

8The merry beat of tambourines is silenced, the shouts of revelry are hushed, the joyful lyre is silent.

9They drink wine but without songs; liquor tastes bitter to the one who drinks it.

10The city is shattered and in chaos, every house barred, that none may enter.

11In the streets there is a crying out for wine; all joy has faded, and merriment is banished from the land.

12Nothing but desolation is left in the city; its gates are smashed beyond repair.

13So it will be throughout the world among the nations, as when an olive tree is beaten and stripped at the end of the vintage.

14People raise their voices and cry aloud, acclaiming in the west the majesty of the LORD.

15Therefore let the LORD be glorified in the eastern regions, and the name of the LORD the God of Israel in the coasts and islands of the sea.

16From the ends of the earth we have heard them sing, ascribing beauty to the righteous nation. But I said: Depravity, depravity! Woe betide me! Traitors deal treacherously! They are double-dyed traitors.

17The hunter's scare, the pit, and the trap threaten all you inhabitants of the earth.

18Whoever runs from the rattle of the scare will fall into the pit, and whoever climbs out of the pit will be caught in the trap. The windows of heaven above are opened and earth's foundations shake;

19the earth is utterly shattered, it is convulsed and reels wildly.

20The earth lurches like a drunkard and sways like a watchman's shelter; the sins of its inhabitants weigh heavy on it, and it falls, to rise no more.

21On that day the LORD will punish in heaven the host of heaven, and on earth the kings of the earth.

22They are herded together, and packed like prisoners in a dungeon, shut up in jail, punished over many years.

23The moon will grow pale and the sun hide its face in shame; for the LORD of Hosts has become king on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, and is revealed in his glory to the elders of his people.

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